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Dark Room Techno with Kirk Degiorgio

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This week Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Techno grand master Kirk Degiorgio for a new course in How To Make Dark Room Techno.

Found in clubs like Room 2 in Fabric, and Berlin’s infamous Berghain this is a much sought after genre that may sound minimal but is difficult to get right.

With over 25 years of experience Kirk gives us a real treat over these 15 videos building a dark, minimal, evolving track from the ground up, and with no pre-prepared track, this is an exclusive insight into a master at work.

Starting with the dark, driving beat Kirk layers on tension and atmosphere creating a drone and discordant sequences before sharing his subtractive method of arrangement in Ableton. After clever use of automation to add variety to the minimal elements, we watch Kirk go back to his analog roots using tape saturation before tweaking and perfecting the mix with EQ and compression, ready to be sent on for mastering.

As you go through the tutorials, the course evolves as much as the tune itself, and it’s a joy witness it taking shape.

Check it out and take your techno skillz to the next level!


brilliant. thank’s for this.

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During the play through, I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about the track itself; five lessons in and I’ve learned a lot, and have gained a respect for what you’re showing us here! It sounds interesting as all hell too :slight_smile:

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Yes! This is why I finally decided to subscribe to SA. Worked my way through and learned some very important tips of the trade to which I will apply to all my future efforts. My sketchy first attempt giving me a new lease of hope.


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This is cool. A few max devices I never knew I had being put to much use, rite about now. Anyone know if u can still get that Reaktor ens anywhere or version 2

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This is exactely the style of music I was looking for. Great tutorial!

Superb… Well done Kirk and S.A.
More like this please…

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So inspiring. Great workflow techniques, and so much gear i didn’t know about yet. It is a privilege to learn from such an underground techno pioneer. Thx Mr Kirk !

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Yoo want to link up on a project? whats yuour IG??

Very useful! Thanks!
More of these tutorials about more underground styles such as techno, tech house, dub techno, tech trance, deep tech house, other more undergrund house styles and some more underground and dark DnB styles :slight_smile:

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This is brilliant. Is there any way we can get Sinebeats for Reaktor? Or would it be possible to upload it into the resources folder?

Wow man! Love the sound and the lessons. Hope to see you doning more tutorials :slight_smile:

Excellent course, lots of tips and tricks!

Really enjoyed the course, Kirk is The Don! More of the melodic A.R…T. techno next please!

can you please tell which Maschine do i need to buy in order to get the same plugin that you used in third tutorial? There is a list of Maschine products on NI website and most of them seems a hardware and are very expensive -


Great course, very well explained.

It would be awesome if you could provide us with the original SINEBEATS.ENS for NI REAKTOR in the course ressources.

Even in the REAKTOR LEGACY archive from NI Reaktor Ensembles : NI : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
you only find the 2.0 / 2.1 and PLUS versions…


@Keon1 @tek
Found Sinebeats.ens ( original from NI-Reaktor 3 Library ) !!
Though you can find many “oldies” Reaktor ensembles via the I mentioned in my previous comment, the original used in the track might be already almost installed on your MAC or PC.
I have tested this on MAC with a full installation of NI-REAKTOR 6
If you browse through your Reaktor 6 Factory Library folder, you should find a .ZIP archive called “Legacy Library”.
Just unzip it and browse the new folder to :
Legacy Library/Legacy Library Reaktor 3/Premium/Synths-Sequenced/ and in there you’ll find the original SineBeats.ens
Hope that helps !!

Upddate : Just uploaded the complete NI-Reaktor Legacy Library (195 MB) via DropBox, let me know if you have problem with the link but you should be able to download it at :

Copy this archive and unzip it in your “Native Instruments/Reaktor Factory Library” folder.

Is that the original Sinebeats. I found the Sinebeats 2 in Legacy libraries. I need to check my Reaktor content properly .
Thanks @Tekalight

Yes, in the Dropbox upload it’s the original sineBeats.ens ( the one working with snapshots and with a more simple but clearest GUI interface. That was in my Reaktor Factory Library from Reaktor 6 installation via Native Access and checking the version of Reaktor Factory Library via the oldest NI SERVICE CENTER, it says version 1.1.0

I messaged you about it, but you’ll have to carry on the comments on the forum page to access your message,
well you probably know that :blush:


Really enjoyed this course, I’ve always struggled with that big bass sound in this kind of techno. thanks for sharing your techniques.