How To Make - Dark Techno with Christian Vance / 483

Sonic Academy unleashes a dark monster in this ‘How To Make Dark Techno with Christian Vance’. A pure techno sound delivered in a no bullshit way. Christian originally from Melbourne, Australia but now residing in Berlin, is a producer, live performer, and DJ. His fusion of house and techno has seen him work with the likes Derrick May, Joe Claussell and Mr Ties, and having releases on labels such as ‘Versatile’, ‘Art of Vengeance’ and featured on Carl Cox’s ‘Global Underground’ Comp #38.
Here to deliver a masterclass in achieving that pure dark, techno sound in Ableton live 9, this course gives incredible insider tips and tricks, on how to nail this underground genre.

Switch off the lights, turn up the speakers and let’s go ravin.

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Nice one guys. Been waiting for something like this.

We love this course, hope people do, would like to do more underground vibes in the coming months.


@sonic academy…yes please please please more underground vibes like you’re saying…hot since 82, adam beyer, joris voorn, claud von stroke, all dirtybird, jamie jones, format:b, marco carola, MK, nicole moubader, camelphat, sasha, pirupa…etc…etc…


heads up - you didn’t include part 5 “bass 2” … all thats included was the sub part of the bass

Hi @disqus_WB8n8gq2wL-di Where is part5 missing?

Ahh I see it, fixing now.

none of the videos are working.

Many many thanks guys, was considering to stop my subscription, not anymore, this is what I was waiting for :smiley:

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Still not working. Whats the problem?

never mind. It was a Flash issue. Fixed now.

In the middle of watching these. There’s some really creative uses of return channels in there that I’ll definitely make use of!

excellent tutorial, short and to the point. His big return tracks with multiple instances of delay are awesome and he has some refreshing ideas on arrangement. I’ve watched 80% of the tutorials on SA and this is one of the better ones. Keep up the good work guys.

Great tutorial ! I have learned so much about practical uses of Live’s instruments from this and Chymera’s tutorials.

Great tutorial indeed. Picked up plenty of tricks and inspired by his live jamming to arrangement method. Nice stuff, thanks Christian!

Sophisticated. Encouraging. Nice delivery. Good one.

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback! Super happy that you really dig the use of the return channels and the live-jam approach to arrangement. I’ve found these to be really important tools in my process and they really open up possibilities with any project. I hope you enjoy experimenting with them and applying them to your own creative process.


Genious! Thank you!

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thanks! great to hear!


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