How To Make - Deep House 2016 / 466

Maybe if I ditch the headphones and put a lowpass filter on I’ll be able to push through :sob:


i’m sure you’ll get through it if you take the headphones off :slight_smile:

Any information on layering as this is very 1 dimensional?

Sick tutorial
Only fault is how most midi patterns are recorder in. However the midi files are given in the download pack so aint oo much of an issue!

A tutorial on how to make tracks like WHTKD and XY constant do would be great

Thanks for the tutorial, I have found this very useful, Especially the Keys and Pads section.

sieht interessant


Great course! I really like the pace of the course, not to fast and not to slow. Thanks.

one of the best tuts on sonic academy i think

Love this course and would love to see more from Ian.

We have just taken delivery of a new course from Ian :wink: !!

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Great so far!


I am sure that RC 24 Reverb should be fully wet when used in a return channel. But in “Drums Part 1” I see that it only about 20-30% wet. Is it a mistake?

sounds like it might be a mistake @blandystudio?

the kick is flamming

great tutorial

Excellent again I wish I had started learning this YEARS ago thanks a lot

This is brilliant!!! Thanks a LOT! <3<3<3