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Deep House 2016 in Ableton Live

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Ian Bland AKA ‘Dancing Divaz’ for another monster course. This time Ian guides us expertly through ‘How To Make Deep house 2016 using Ableton live 9’

From a very detailed look at drum programming, groove creation and adding an ambient reverb, through to sound design using Korg’s Legacy M1 softsynth and of course, ‘ANA’.

Lastly we take a look at creating a Pre-master if your tracks are going to be mastered and how to master using Ableton’s own suite of plugins.

Hope everyone enjoys the Course :wink:


Great tutorial. What’s the benefit to doing drums in midi? I’m in the habit of just dropping the audio straight into the arrangement. For me it feels a bit faster as well as easier to manipulate levels of the drum hits, reverse things etc. Just curious if there’s a real benefit to the midi/drum rack approach.

I like using midi as you can quickly shape individual sounds with envelopes etc. also drum racks hot swap lets you quickly audition alternative samples very quickly acrross the whole arrangement. Also if you ever wanted to play a part in live it would need to be midi. I find it easier to edit midi notes rather than samples. there are pros and cons for both im sure tho.

Hi Guys, I think the benefits for midi drums can be a more unique sound for your track rather than straight up sample loops , a combination of the twi is good , midi and wav :wink:

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I find tutorials are great ways to learn the software and are great to pick up hints and tips.
This tutorial however is a masterclass. Full of great ideas AND its a cracking track.
Good job dude.


6 minutes in and your not explaining what your doing or why your doing it as you go, very confusing and I’ve had to stop watching. Very disappointed

Sorry to hear that Sandor , the comment from Pete beforehand begs to differ , can you expand ?

Great Tutorial!! One question and probably a rookie question. Why do you create so many parts/sections instead of just extending? Seems like a lot of copying and pasting or is there a reason for it.

Has anybody run into problems with this tutorial where the video and audio are SUPER desynced? I’m watching “Drums Part 3” and the gap is so large it’s hard to watch the video. (Have tried with both Safari and Chrome).

Have checked it here - all seems good. There was a very very slight issue in vid 3 with sync, like sub frame, when the audio card used introduced a few ms of latency, but its all good from video 4 onwards as he changed audio cards. Hope this helps

Does anyone know where the Logic 16 C groove is located for ableton?

I think it’s just a standard 16 swing groove maybe around 50% .

If it seems too skippy you can dial the % back a bit.

hands down the best tutorial so far, very clean and neat. keep the great work.

It has gotten a lot better since vid 4 - thanks. And definitely worth watching!

Thank you

Just love your courses Ian! The Nu Skool Retro House course was awsome and this one is awsome as well!

Thx and great work!

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Vid 3, its killlling me that you don’t show how you made the claps/ maybe cl-hat pattern??
i know my way around claps but you just dragged in some “Blandy Break”.
did i miss something? would be really cool to get the full visual on how everything is made.
some unrealllll learning curves from this vid though.
killing me that i can see that clap pattern in full scope…actually lost sleep over it!

I have REALY tried to finnish this one, but the constant sound of the tutors saliva makes me cringe to the point where I can’t stand it