How To Make - Deep House in Ableton Live / 404

 In this tutorial we take you through all the steps needed to create a hypnotic, groovy deep house track. We build drums, bass, atmospheres and do a lot of work with stabs and massive reverb/delays. A lot of the techniqes in the course could be applied to techno and tech house too!! yipeee!!

Good job on this one as always, but can you please tell me what the purpose of mix gel is?

thank you for this course

can i ask why you sample the stab from the synth, and not just use the synth itself rather than exporting the sound into simpler?

Didn't like the stab sounds at first, managed to make them work, and I ended up quite liking the tutorial. Some great audio effects in this track, love the ping pong delay + big reverb, the sound is amazing.

I believe it would save processing power.

Thanks for this tutorial,enjoyed the process learnt alot!!

Phil great Tutorials mate, learnt a lot from this as i am fairly new to making house.

great course, very well explained, I recommend it

Very educational tutorial, clearly explained. I enjoyed watching it.