How To Make - Deep Techno 2016 with Chymera / 475

Sonic Academy welcomes the Berlin based Irish music maker Chymera to the helm once again for another dark, twisted look at ‘How To Make Deep Techno 2016’

Using Ableton Live 9.1 we focus on slightly darker techno, still melodic, but with dark atoms, heavy stabs, pounding kicks and crisp percussion. We also look at live arranging using a controller and finally tweak the arrangement and mix ready to road test the track in clubs.

Don’t forget you can download the project template and samples used so you can follow along and look inside a professionally created track. Don’t have Ableton? Well, we also have audio stems and MIDI files of the parts in the download folder so you can follow along in any DAW.

Picked up loads of tips as usual.

Interesting… I can’t find that Bass patch ‘Dangerously Deep’ in my live library… I have the latest version of Live Studio…I know its in the resources folder BUT i’m just wondering what i’m missing?

It skips from ‘creating the synth parts’ right into ‘Arranging the track’

So all of the drum / percussion parts are skipped??

It goes from synth parts - to percussion - to arranging the track ?

Nice feicin track! I think the titles of the vids may be off: for ex Tut 10 is titled “Claps” but the Hi hats are being worked on in this vid


Learned a lot of good techniques throughout this video, glad to see Chymera back for another great tutorial!

Love this track, right up my street. They might have called this proper progressive house back in the late 90s. Love the new website too by the way, very slick

loved the tutorial, Chymera is such a boss!
p.s. the children playing in the background on both of Chymera’s tutorials are dope haha! Thanks for this SA, good job!

Thank You

Thanks for the feedback everyone! To answer some of the questions, the Bass patch I used is part of the Live 8 Library I believe, and you can download them somewhere on the Ableton site. And as for the children, that’s the kindergarten which is outside my apartment window :slight_smile:

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As a LIve 9.6 user I have been I have been looking (wasting my time) for the live 8 presets download here:

Given up.

SA Please ensure future tutorials use the most up to date versions of DAWS etc.

If anybody cab find Live 8 presets DL I’d appreciate a link, thanks.

OK, this grumpy old moany old git had the foresight to see if the bass was located in the resources download… it was.

But still! :wink:

Hi ,

Great tutorial! but 08 video is missing in the downloads
can you fix that please?

For those of you working with Ableton 9, the bass preset “Dangerously Deep” is renamed “Sub1 Clicky Bass”. Use C1 instead of C3 though.


Hi @sabi30 all the videos where there, just numbered wrongly - this has now been corrected if you wish to download again. But you should have everything in the initial downloads

Thank you Chris :slight_smile:
Very good tutorial ! keep up the good work of yours
Cheers :slight_smile:

Great course! Learned lots of new tricks and workflow nuances even after all of these years on Ableton. I liked the approach to arranging too, very natural.

I am genuinely clueless at the EQ part, what is he listening for here and how is he hearing it? I’m a classically trained musician and I still have absolutely no idea what he hears as he is sweeping through those frequencies…