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Dirty Tech House with Ekoboy

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Here at Sonic Academy we’re proud to welcome back Vangelis Kostoxenakis aka Ekoboy for a brand new ‘How To Make’ course in Dirty Tech House.

Building this track from scratch with no pre-made plans this 3-hour course takes you on the full journey from start to finish showing Vangelis’ methods and ideas laid bare.

A driving belter of a track emerges from a simple bass and kick, and with a very hands-on approach to automation using a controller and clever audio editing to create fills and transitions, this is a course that flows in creativity and ultimately having fun!

Go check out Ekoboy doing what he loves best!

Hi everybody! This is my brand new course and a quick approach on how to make dirty tech house. I hope you enjoy it!
Vangelis (Ekoboy)

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Great course! I was wondering when we’d see another one from you. I like how you play it all in and adjust before bouncing to audio. Food for thought.

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how do you do that thing where you swap between different midi clips on channels?

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not sure i understood what u mean :slight_smile:

glad you enjoyed it. yes i like this type of production, mostly cos you should have fun and not being frustrated if something doesnt play along

This was really refreshing. Most other courses I have done get so technical that it becomes so overwhelming and after watching this I feel way more confident. I usually get told to keep everything MIDI in case I want to change certain sounds but printing everything to audio seems much more efficient after watching this. I even have confidence to try to master my own stuff now which is crazy to me.

thank you!

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What 3rd Party Plugins is needed to work with this Course!
& any possible chance you can make a ABLETON version ???

I just read the Description & seen the Vst would love to know what could replace this Plugins to achieve the same thing to learn!

im begginer so i would not know how to use a Stock Plugin by watching another plugin from a tutorial!
If possible

Hey there @alife1991

Tutorials are recorded by tutors from their own studio & with the DAW & gears they usually use, exactly as when they produce a track for release uing their own workflow. It’s very different than some templates approach available in multiple DAWs like you can find elsewhere on the web. So nope, it’s not posible to make an Ableton’s Live or any other DAW version per tutorial.

Don’t get overwhelmed by having to follow a course that’s not in your DAW, it’s an excellent way to learn when you have to adapt the course to your own software, the same goes for plugins. It might be a bit more cumbersome to “reproduce” the course when not using Logic here, I agree, but learning about tutor’s workflow, production techniques is the key here IMO. A compressor is a compressor for example, it will perform slightly differently from another one but if you understand why & how the tutor used it on a channel then you get the most important out of those courses.

Logic’s Plugins have probably their counterparts in Ableton & when it comes to 3rd party plugins, most of the time they also have alternative & free equivalent ones.

I agree that it can be more difficult when you’re a beginner, but my best advice is to try to learn & understand the all process, not just aiming at “recreate/reproduce” the final result track from the course.

Thank You !
& Totally Agree…

I think this is where is tricky for me
“A compressor is a compressor for example, it will perform slightly differently from another one but if you understand why & how the tutor used it on a channel then you get the most important out of those courses.”

Sometimes i don’t understand why they are using it maybe to get it to sound a certain way or to change something so it can sound a bit different to fit in the…Maybe i will have to learn more about stuff on Audio Effects before taking the Course …

But will be most Challenge learning when using different VST like the ones Vangelis for his drums to get it sound that quality…

But will take a chance once i get more confident in my own DAW

That is the key TBH, learn your DAW as much as you can as well as the “in the box” plugins that comes with it. For everything compression, EQs & other common effects, it’s a good thing to dive into those learning topics at your own pace & learning rhythm. There’s no secret, music production learning takes time & it’s a kind of never ending learning curve once you get into it, with it’s part of frustration & overwhelming moments of course, but if you enjoy it & are able to give it some time, it will be rewarding in the end.

You’ll find many courses on Sonic Academy focusing on Ableton’s Live as well as compression, EQ & much more. Many other resources are also available on the web & even books of course, now getting a subscription to access all S.A content is a good advice I can give ( I’m just a moderator here, so simple talk, not trying to sell anything :wink: ).

Browse the tutorials, see what can suits your needs for learning, write down the topics you think you should dive into and find resources and get into it step by step and : practice, try out things & techniques, don’t focus too much on the end result quality at first and you’ll see that the all puzzle & picture is gonna make sense after some time. Little goals, small steps to start leads to progress over time.

Cheers !

Thank You Tekalight !
learn the essentials first, i don’t want to overcomplicate music productions so as long as I’m learning the basics i think i’ll keep it simple to learn just the Genre of Tech House !
appreciate the Talk man…

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Lots of little details producers can learn from no matter the genre in this one. Thanks!

Brilliant course, really helpful as every stage is explained clearly

Awesome course!!!

Filled with good technical tips.


That bass throughout is aces.