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Disco Loops in Ableton Live

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If you ever wanted to make a techy disco or funky house track but wernt sure about using old copyrighted disco loops Sonic Academy provides the perfect solution. Make your own!! 

In this course we give you 50mb of samples and some lessons on how to put together an authentic disco loop that you can sample the life out of for tons of different styles. I know....   Im Awesome!! self 5!!  :D




Great Job!

Could you explain step by step how to set up the BASS?
Well I wonder, since you guys send the process ready, but the video does not show how you guys insert the BASS.
Send the answer to my e-mail


What I know is how was created the BASS PRESETS?

is this going to be continued?? really keen!

This would have been good but couldn&#039t get the bass to work- saying &#034you need to locate the folder and link it&#034 is like saying &#034you need to go and write a track&#034- there is a process, I subscribe to learn that process, would appreciate showing us how to do something that is quite integral to the tutorial- and prob takes 20 seconds. I&#039m a big fan of Sonic Academy, but sometimes little things like that are annoying as I&#039ve already put some time into the tutorial and can&#039t go any further

I wish you explain step by step how you set up the presets for the BASS.
Can you explain?

For all you peeps that are having trouble setting up the bass presets with the supplied sample files: it may help you to know that the sample that&#039s labeled &#034FINGER BASS B&#034 is actually a &#034G&#034, not a &#034B&#034. Not sure if I can include an image in this post (I will try), but here&#039s how I mapped the samples in an NN-XT sampler in Propellerhead reason ->

<img src=&#034 />

Anybody else is having trouble with the bass presets here is the link to the solution in the forums.

Awesome tutorial. Lots of fun and really inspiring.

This is my first tutorial in Ableton Live 9 and I am struggling to set up all the included files. Is there somewhere I could look?

At 7.21 in the bass video you highlight both sets of accent notes and drag them all across to the next bar, how did you do that? I highlight the top set then when i highlight the bottom set to drag across it only moves the second set ive highlighted.

This tutorial made me smile. Lots of fun.

Great tutorial. Lots to learn here

Awesome tutorial. Lots of fun and really inspiring.

pretty sick

Thank you for this tutorial!

where can i find your tech tips on building pianos?

Great Course. I l loved the bass tut

Great Course