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Dutch House in Ableton Live

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Over the next 2 hours and 50 minutes we show you from start to finish how to make a massive Dutch House track using Ableton Live 8

great so far!! =)

Very nice lesson.

Seriously best tutorial in my opinion :) <3

dutch house tutorial, perfect christmas present. i love you sa!!!

The Best tutorial so far. We need more Pls. ;-)

very familiar with a track im making at the moment actually. i might borrow the idea with the pitch lead 2 thing ;) exactly what my current track im working on needs ;D

Really enjoyed this tutorial. Very nice...

Muy buen tutorial felicitaciones,saquen uno con mas trucos tipo afrojack o chukie

Make an Afrojack Tutorial

In the last vid you mention that in the next vid you will finish mixing.... so where is that next video?

the song was cheese but at least he did a good song at showing the structures...

where is the rest of the mixing video?

When will we have the rest of the VIds pls???

it ends at 14 videos...???

excellent tutorial LUVIN THA TRACK, really got me back into making some music again... cant wait for the final parts to arrive.. I keep checkin everyday.

Keep up the good work SA

the song is awesome!

Another 4 videos added - more to follow !

Am I wrong or isn&#039t those videos from last week?

Logic Version please?

Great job again, Phil! Much props to you!