How To Make - Eclectic Bass / 484

Welcome to the world of the Voyagers. Here for the first time on Sonic Academy, they bring you their very own style ‘How To Make Eclectic Bass’. First seen on their early 2016 Spinnin release, their ‘Eclectic Bass E.P’ smashed it with tracks like Dutty Mani, Force and the massive Crossover with Alpharock.

Here Luuk from the Voyagers cooks up a stunning vibe, rockin with sturdy house rhythms and twisted sound effects while a crazy hook melody creates a dope, funky club atmosphere. All laid down in Logic Pro X, but we have provided all synths as audio AND Midi, so you can follow along in any DAW. Its big, bold and funky.

Can’t wait to go through this tutorial! Really love this style of tune, happy to see you guys are making sure tutorials stay relevant stylistically.

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Big thanks to Luuk and Sonic Academy, great stuff here.

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killer track! Keep em coming SA

So glad you guys are liking this one ! Will defo have them back for another one soon.

Electric Bass … This may be my new thing . Love your tutorials guys , keep them coming !

Luuk or Sonic Academy, with a short kick like this, isn’t the key of the kick of importance anymore? Thanks guys

Not really, there is so little of an actual note in it when its short. You don’t always have to have your kick in key.

Thanks Chris!
So when does it get important.

In Luuks song, he has (1 2 3 4 = beat) the kick taking up 1 and the rest is sub(2,3,4).

Is this the only scenario in which the key isn’t important.

How about half kick/half sub? (1,2)(3,4)? Does it become essential then?

Been to some seminars of Luuk in Holland (i’m dutch) and because of his expertise I had to become a member here! so great job getting him on!

I never pay much mind wether or not my kick is in key because my kicks are always very short. Tonality doesn’t come into play very much in that case. I do however like it best when it falls on a low E as that is the note that feels phattest in clubs.