How To Make Electro House 2014 in FL Studio / 100

In this all new FL Studio ‘How To Make’ Sonic academy are please to be joined by FL Studio Power user ‘SeamlessR’. SeamlessR will already be familiar to millions of FL Studio users from his demo tracks contained in FL Studio 11. Here he creates an exclusive Electro House track in his own unique style. Watch as he gets the most from both Harmor and Sytrus to create massive chords, epic drops and whopping risers, all nailed down with mammoth beats. Want to get that Deadmau5 sound, then this is the course for you.

A good tutorial with some valuable ideas presented here. BUT...The presenter could slow down just a little and maybe enunciate more clearly. There are times when it's difficult to hear and having to constantly pause and go back to try and catch an important detail gets kind of old. I don't agree with everything on the mixing/mastering portions but I learned some new things about FL studio I didn't know before. Thanks!