How To Make - Electro House 2014 in FL Studio / 274

  In this all new FL Studio ‘How To Make’ Sonic academy are please to be joined by FL Studio Power user ‘SeamlessR’. SeamlessR will already be familiar to millions of FL Studio users from his demo tracks contained in FL Studio 11. Here he creates an exclusive Electro House track in his own unique style. Watch as he gets the most from both Harmor and Sytrus to create massive chords, epic drops and whopping risers, all nailed down with mammoth beats. Want to get that Deadmau5 sound, then this is the course for you.

Great tut btw! Question though, how would the bass in tutorial 3 be created using sylenth or ana?

How come the bass was not low passed around 600 hz in tutprial three? the upper frequencies don't clash?

I also feel that the videos could have higher speaking volume and lower music volume like when the output of the DAW is being fed into the videos, there is such a contrast and it can be slightly deafening

Is there ang way to make a progressive house nad commercial sounds in fl studio tutorials pls it would help allot to US tnx

Great work, Seamless! Thx for making this, Sonic Academy. :)

EDM Tutorial please! :)

Hey Oscar - Try this

Great tutorial. But if you slowed down a bit it would be 10 times better.

Nice work ! looks like is raining in your mouth ... i think you go like, mmmmmm that Sound!!! :))

We need more FL Studio tutorials! :( Thanks!

One thing that REALLY annoys me with Sonic Academy, and is stopping me from subscribing to get tuts, is the level of presumption in videos. The "tutors" just do things really wuickly and because they know how to do it, they assume everyone does. Even the little keystrokes, shortcuts to change tools etc. It would just be good to actually say what you are doing/pressing to change tools etc instead of us having to pause each video, take 10/15 minutes to work out what the "tutor" did and then rejoin the video adding tons of time to each video for the user. It is then easy to lose patience 2 minutes into a video because of having had to do this 5 times already and having taken an hour to get 2 minutes into a video all because of presumption and poor explanation/tutoring. And this is only from the select videos available for free on YouTube etc!

This is more prevalent for beginners, obviously, but still.....!!!!

what DAW are you trying to learn Gav?

Are you guys planning on doing other FL Tutorials?.Like a dyro style kinda Tut. Or somewhat commercially. The other tutorials don't translate that good in Fl.

We can already find seamless allover youtube!

And maybe it's a good idea to always use sylenth, massive or ana for synths.
Cause Logic synths are way different than FL's. The synth Seamless uses with the modulation he didn't even explain. Universal synths are the way to go!
Everybody got those.

Hi DD,
Yes we are planning more FL courses, a new SeamlessR one coming very soon. Whilst he has other tuts out there, he is creating exclusive and unique content for SA and is a great tutor. We are bring other FL tutors online very soon also. The majority of subtractive synths have roughly the same layout and controls so say an ES2 should translate to ANA. We try and use ANA as much as we can. However we will take onboard your comments and feedback. Thanks DD Speak soon

Great you guys actually answer stuff!!! Glad you go for ANA most of the time! keep up the good work!

Thxx a lot ♥ for Course ^^

Really want a similar tutorial for ableton. Using ableton instruments.

This is how to make electro house, not how to do basics :P Obviosly they will asume when you try to do music you allready know the basics. They have a series of videos also on sounddesign, compressor, reverb and all things you need to get started. Also it has level discription descriped and this says "intermidiate" soo its not for beginners. Start with musictheory, then move upwards from there. To learn FL Studio i suggest image-line has the best for learning its interface.

Hi Gav, we have beginners course's in all the major DAWs - FL studio Beginners Level 1 will be released in a few weeks with Level 2 coming shortly afterwards. These vids do not presume any level of knowledge and should help you get to grips with your software quicker.