How to make electro house (Feed Me)

Hello! I would love to see how to make electro house like feed me :slight_smile:

Feed Me - Pink Lady (Official Audio) - YouTube

- YouTube

Feed Me - Cott's Face (Official Audio) - YouTube

Big Bump! I would love to see this as well!!! :smiley:

check out the glitch house tutorial… all about resampling and creating crazy modulated basses!



glitch tutorial + practice + creativity = feed me

[quote]P-Shot (28/09/2011)[hr]glitch tutorial + practice + creativity = feed me[/quote]


+1 Or maybe a tutorial of his distortion, i mean how can he do that? soooooo distorted

Download ohmicide.

i got ohmicide, and there is a tutorial on youtube ‘‘how to make to the stars distortion’’ (or something like that, not a bad tutorial) but is waaaaaaaay to far from the distortion feed me actually use