How to make Elektro tutorial request

Another suggestion is a tutorial electro style, the style of the first albums of Anthony Rother, Boris Divider, Aux 88, Afrika Bambaataa etc … parental influences of electro Kraftwerk. This style did not become a revolution, but for me and many people this style has a great personality and professionalism. There has been no tutorial for this style, electro mixed with other genres if you have forgotten but authentic, Elektro. Fat programmed rhythms, usually, the Roland TR-808 vintage drum machines and processed bass lines but dark and distorted eighties, sampling effects and features with their vocoder voices etc … interesting style that has not made ​​any tutorial. Many house and forget other important fields of electronic music as Elektro.:slight_smile:


Radio-activity. - YouTube

Radio-activity live. Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (live) [HD] - YouTube

The Model. KRAFTWERK - THE MODEL - YouTube

Elektro kardiogram live: electro cardiogram KRAFTWERK - YouTube

Non stop: - YouTube

Vitamin: - YouTube

Afrika Bambaataa:

Planet rock. - YouTube

Aux 88:

Electro/Techno. - YouTube

Mad Scientist. Aux 88 - Mad Scientist - YouTube

Detroit Non Stop. Aux 88--Detroit Non Stop - YouTube

Anthony Rother:

Hacker. Anthony Rother - Hacker - YouTube

Destroy him my robots. YouTube? v=81IhTdAdnz4&feature=related

Sex With The Machines. - YouTube

Basic Level. - YouTube

From Spain Boris Divider:

La Hora De Las Maquinas. - YouTube

Evolution. - YouTube

Juandi, Spain, Malaga. ELEKTRO;)

tutorial now!!!:alien:

Now thats what I call electro - good taste fella :slight_smile: