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Filtered House with Dirty Secretz

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After some time away Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Ritchie Atkins from Dirty Secretz for an all-new course in How To Make Filtered House.

Starting from scratch Ritchie carves out an absolute classic filtered disco house track using nothing but Ableton and our very own Kick 2 and ANA 2 synths.

Ritchie has always been a favourite when it comes to his clear and easy-to-follow courses and this one is no exception, starting with the most important elements in house music - the kick, the hook, and the bass, we build up the groove with percussive elements and an extra melodic piano part before we lay down the rough arrangement.
We then search and edit vocal loops and build some effects from scratch to help with transitions and buildups all the while automating Ableton’s Auto Filter to get that classic filtered house sound.
Finally, we carry out a mixdown, tweaking the arrangement and then a basic master so it can be played out in the clubs.

Aimed at producers of all abilities this course is one that anyone can get their teeth into.

Check it out!

Always Great Tutorial from Dirty Secretz! This is HOUZ MUSIC!


Is that a homemade glue compressor because I don’t have it on the list?

Hey there @Maksim78

Which video and which Live Project Track are you referring to ? That might help to know the exact audio effect you’re mentioning here. Now IMO, just download the Ableton Project Files from the tutorial resources on the main course page, you should then be able to save the audio effect and presets in your own library.

Now depending of your Live version, the Glue Compressor might not be included, Glue Compressor effect is not available in the Intro and Lite Editions.

Hope that helps !

Hey there…

Thanks …perfect!

Do you produce many years with Ableton?
I use Live 10 suite.
Best wishes

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Then if you have the Suite, should be no problem to get all effects & presets from the Project Files :slight_smile:

Yea, made the switch from Logic a few years ago but I’m still learning about it and I’m kind of a Multiple Daw user, so sometime it’s hard to nail one against another, but the funny thing is that I was very skeptical about Live when I first tried it, really didn’t get the interface, layout & workflow, especially the Session View, and now it’s the first DAW I reach for as a starting point, it’s very flexible IMO.


ah super. Yes I also have Logic and Ableton and I like the workflow in Ableton very much. Does that mean you’re no longer in Logic?


No, I’m still using Logic too, I think every DAW has got is pro & cons, so I find some features more nice in Logic than in Live and vice-versa. But well, I believe that your favorite DAW should be the one that you are more familiar & confident with, that comes with time for sure.

But hey, let’s not make too much out of topic discussion, LOL… Those post appears on the main course page, so it should be more related to the tutorial itself. Feel free to use the message feature from your forums account instead.

Cheers !

As mentioned it should come with Live Standard & Suite but for anyone with Intro you can get the Glue compressor separate if you wanted to:

It is $99 if you buy it on its own so it’s a real bargain that it’s included with standard & suite considering all the other instruments/effects you also get :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys just finished my Filtered House track, after this great tutorial. I would like to have some feedbacks! Thank you

this a great course

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@DirtySecretz, nice Course!
Say, is the Sound Quality in Ableton very good, or in Logic better? :slight_smile:
I gerade in Logic is the Quality very good? Or the same?

Sounding good so far Druce! Personally I’d say you’d need a bit more sidechaining going on with your bass and musical elements, I would say they need to pump a bit more but some great ideas going on there.

I think these days there is less difference between the two, I think only a trained ear could tell the difference and even then you’d need to tracks produced exactly the same to know.

I would say that it doesn’t matter what you produce in, great talent will still shine through no matter what DAW you use - it’s just all about which one you prefer using and understanding how it works to get the most out of it.

That’s right! Thank you!

By the way, super course! You think the workflow is the most important thing?
You always produce in arrangements in Ableton or?

Thank you Maestro really Appreciate the feedback!! I will work on it!

@DirtySecretz work it out maestro as you suggested. Sometimes to make it more pumping especially in my progressive projects I like to use KickStart or LFOtool, when I’m not happy with the sidechain, what you think about it ?
I’ve also add before the break a 4 bars to make more tension before the Vocals coming in!

Just uploaded V.2.

Nice …I have Kickstart and LFO Tool too, I use mostly Kickstart, very fast and easy …what do you mean?

Do you takes a Limiter in the Production on the Masterchannel, or nothing?

Dope track and tutorial. More tutorials of current sounding tech & disco house plzzzz.


@DirtySecretz, what do sue mean, the drums in Drum Rack / Simpler or Audio One Shots? What is best for the Workflow?