How to make french house in ableton tutorial?

I’d love to see one …

Anyone else ?

I agree, I was going to subscribe just for this until I saw it was in cubase =[

Although I am sure most of the concepts can be easily transferred to ableton, it would be nice to have the course in ableton as well.

there was one before, but it had to be taken down for legal reasons if i remember rightly so.

the cubase one is to replace that and covers most, if not all, the same things and eally the only thing that you can’t port over to ableton is the groove agent stuff - but you could do similar with Drum rack.

I had similar thoughts when i joined earlier in the year, but nearly all of the courses are easy to do in other daws - they tend not to focus on using daw specific vsts etc…

I have actually been spending the past few days working on this tutorial in Ableton.

I started following it in Cubase…

And then I realized I wanted to try and port it over to ableton.

So far it has been going great for me. Took a while to make the same compressions happen… but overall I have learned a ton from watching this tutorial.

I was dying for them to bring this tutorial back so I am just happy they did!

Agreed! Ableton tutorial would be nice. The cubase one helped… but i prefer Ableton… never really got down with Cubase too much.

i think the new one in Cubase is really good. i think u should give a go and try it .