How To Make - French House in Cubase / 410

Sonic Academy’s video music production tutorial How to Make… French Electro House with Cubase breaks down all the parts of a French Electro House track and takes you step-by-step through making your own. Get that sound (a la Justice and Sebastian) with distorted basslines, dirty synth sounds, disco stabs, and plenty of cuts, drops and edits.

Glad to see a video on the legendary frenchmen Xavier and Gaspard. More of this would be great! Also Australian pioneer, Flume I think would do wonders to SA.

Why are you still making videos for Cubase in Cubase 5? Upgrade to Cubase 8 already!

hi @ericpoore:disqus - this course is from 2010 - When Cubase 5 WAS the most recent version :)

The other comment from one month ago threw me off. I figured as much but couldn't find date on when any videos were released! How about some updated ones to show some love for the cubase guys!! Lol

hi bryan, I really enjoyed the song but i do not have cubase and only have ableton. Could you please make the same in ableton?

Would love to have this same arrangement tutorial for Ableton!!!