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French House with Soundprank

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This week we proudly welcome back Canadian house virtuoso Soundprank for another in-depth course in How To Make French House.
From the processing of the drums to creating your own Daft Punk style samples, this course has it all - and after watching, you’ll be creating your very own French House groove!
Throughout this tutorial we get a highly detailed insight into the production techniques required to get the most out of each section. Using various plugins including Fab Filter’s Pro Q and Saturn, along with Valhalla’s Uber Mod, Soundprank meticulously reverse engineer’s the entire tune.
The final result has that instantly recognisable Daft Punk, funky, disco feel, with a super realistic sounding bassline and an abstract synth breakdown before bringing back the groove.

@Sonic_Academy, it looks like ‘Daft Clap.wav’ is missing in the ableton project.


Hi @pieter1 That has now been fixed - you can redownload the resources with the Daft Clap sample in it.

@chris_agnelli thx!

Yet another tutorial with copious amounts of third party plugins that render the project files useless.

It’s better that you follow along with the course videos. This way you can gain an understanding of process and techniques used. You can then, also use alternative plugins when you need to and easily apply the same techniques.

Great tutorial. For those that are interested, there is a Mac beta of the GClip plugin. I’ve tested it on MacOS Sierra, and it works perfectly for me:

Congrats to both Soundprank and Sonic Academy. I´ve been an avid customer for years, and this course has been the most useful and enjoyable so far. Really outstanding.

nice Course

Colin do you not know about Forever Save? It saves as you work every 10-20 mins or however often you tell it to, whichever programs you specify? (logic, ableton etc) I believe it was Mason who recommended this in another tutorial and as he said, best $20 i ever spent! I would always forget to save too!

Great tutorial as usual, just that one vid breaking down your white noise riser was amazing…you are truly a master <3

more vids pleez!


BAD Course … the tutor focuses only on Sound Design , I didn’t see any tips on how to make the rhythm , the tricks of how to make the french house genre … this is so disappointing … PLUS , each clip is at leasts 10 minutes talking about SOUND DESIGN , tweaking the Plug ins while the tutor keeps on talking talking talking … IT’S a veery bad course !!!

So very sorry you didn’t enjoy this course. I think if you want to truly understand a genre it is worth understanding the sound design elements, and sadly this does involve tweaking, for what can seem like a very long time, plugins and effects. Some people love the sound design style courses some don’t :wink: Hopefully, you will find other courses on here that will be much more suited to the way you would like to learn.

I really like this style , thank you for this course

An excellent tutorial. Nailed the sound I was looking for. Thanks

I did exaclty what you did on the bass, same software etc but i can’t get the same sound as you… there must be something you didn’t showed us

Great course. Learned a lot that I use in other types of genres!

im learning a great deal but the only problem is the video is too zoomed out from ableton, i Literally have to squint to see parameters.

Super tutorial,and cool sound

Interesting techniques, thanks a lot.