How To Make - Future Chill with Crystal Skies / 840


This is one of the best course . Loved it

This is a great course with a lot of great techniques. Thanks Crystal Skies!

Just so you know, if you expand Psychdelay with that little arrow on the right you can open a submenu where you can turn on “Sync” to match your host tempo.

detune you da real MVP

Why would Crystal Skies choose to record the synth lead at 11:33 of tutorial 8 so he can add extra processing to the audio file? Can’t you just bounce it to an audio file like you would in Logic? What’s the different between a bounce and recording it?

Hi there @xbrett82

To my understanding the reason why CS is recording the instrument again on a new track is because he’s layering several instances with different effects processing on each tracks. Just bouncing the track to audio would require to disable all the unwanted effects before, so it’s more a workflow thing IMO.

You can’t just bounce audio directly inside Live like you can do inside Logic, you either need to freeze the track first and then flatten the track to audio, or route the track out to a new audio track in and record the midi output. Doing it with tracks I/O allows you to keep or bypass your effects, but in the end it’s much more cumbersome to work this way than just recording a new part on a new track.

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Thank you for explaining – makes perfect sense!

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One of the best tutorials I’ve seen.

Nice tutorial.

Does anyone know how to make that uhe-Zebra “LD Invisible Touch” lead used for the counter melody in the drop? He doesn’t show any of the synth’s parameters, and I’ve been unsuccessful recreating how full and buzzy it sounds.

I will have a go at making this in ANA 2 tomorrow :wink:

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Preset looks like its from this pack…

its not in the factory so hard to recreate… i also can’t find where in the course he uses it. If you could point me to a video and time stamp i could try to do it by ear.

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@phil_johnston Thanks! He adds it in the “More Fills and Drop Lead” video around 1:45 in.

I’m quite enjoying this. Thank you for this amazing Tutorial

Just thought I’d weigh in , I love just about everything about this course .
Especially even though you try your hardest to avoid 3rd party , yet are still willing to stray .
(I think avoiding the 3rd party concept is getting a bit stale , but i get it .)
I still can’t shake my “ugh” about why producers giving tut’s just type in numbers for the parameters ,
instead of simply moving the fading till your’e atleast like “eh yeah that’s ball park” .
But over all . Love this . Thanks Aaron !

i njoyed this cours but some resources are missing like the serum white noise sample

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Hey there @leanon2

Presets & samples can’t always be shared by tutors if they are part of payed banks or packs, you’re not allowed to redistribute them since you own a single user license.

I’ve downloaded the Project + resource and after extraction you’ll get a Sonic Academy Push Project folder. From there if you go to Samples/Processed/Freeze you’ll find a Freeze Noise [2019-05-02 010351].wav audio file that matches this serum noise track since it was frozen inside Live. That might help to follow along.

Thanks a lot! Very informative! Also, just like ‘@detune’ mentioned below, you can sync the Psychedelay from a submenu on the right. Also, there’s a Psychedelay in NI FM8, with a sync button as well. Just use the FM8 fx version on a mixer track

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This is really informative