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Future Chill with Crystal Skies

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes brand new tutor Aaron Dawson - one half of Crystal Skies, to take us through How To Make Future Chill.

Crystal Skies have collabed with mega producers such as Seven Lions and Au5, and also remixed Slander, Above and Beyond and Illenium - These guys are in the big league when it comes to production and here we get to see how Aaron builds this epic track from scratch.

Starting with the beautiful chord progression we layer synths and instruments to build on the ‘wall of sound’ created. Using extensive resampling and audio editing techniques there’s a ton of tips and tricks here from building and creating the all-important fills to making smooth transitions between sections.

Aaron also limits his use of third party plugins in this course proving that with just a handful of tools, selecting the right sounds and using your DAW’s potential you can also achieve amazing results!

Dive in and check it out!

So excited for this course!

Great course, mesmerising watching someone work with such speed and precision.

Amazing course! Going to be watching it through a few times!

Definitely worth my subscription<3

It already sounds good so far, even without mixing


Aazing !

Phenomenal Course!!!

Sonic Academy - if you had more courses like this one, I would be broke! :wink:

This the type of course ive been wanting for this genre for the longest time! Extremely helpful, will be watching many times over

subscribed just to see this course

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Red Rocks!

love the tutorial learned A TON!!!

p.s. All Cymatics is rotalty free just a heads up

Awesome course

nice one. I actually love it.

Lol I’m pretty sure when he was talking about serum he was giving examples of who has tutorials but sonicacademy cut it out cause they have their own serum tutorials

Hey there @bbowers263

I honestly doubt it’ the case, tutors record their own videos and I can tell you it’s not something easy to get right, there’s often many takes going on and S.A get it right with their video editing work to end up with tutorials as fluid as possible.

Anyway, was the tutorial useful to you ? Did you find it good or bad ? What do you think was missing, lacking ?

That’s what we’d like to know on the forums and might help to improve things :wink:

This tutorial is filled with a ton of creative production ideas and goes really far in depth which is very helpful for every producer. 10/10