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Future Electro House with Chris Agnelli

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Stealing the beats from house, the basslines from dubstep and riffs from electro and trance Chris Agnelli creates the ultimate ram raid mashup in his How To Make Future Electro House. Taking its cues from the likes of Zedd, Porter Robinson and Feed Me, expect punchy drums, dirty as you like basslines and massive arp's and pads. So sit back, tune in and drop out in this massive 23 video course.  

Hello I was wondering if I have missed something

How do you make that ana sweep ? I am sure nothing has been said about it on the videos it's not critical because I sorted one out myself was wondering how you make it In ana

Thanks Chris

Which video is it in? Will try and remind myself of it

I think I went from vid 16 to 17 and had noticed you had created another part which turned out to be the ana sweep

Any have any idea how valuable this course is if you’re on a different DAW with none of the same plugins? Rather know before diving in if it’s going to become impossible to emulate down the line without ponying up the cash for ANA, etc.

Hi @dmc-uk you should be able to recreate this course in any DAW and the sounds in any other synth - if I remember correctly, there shouldn’t be anything to complex in there and easily recreated in any subtractive synth.