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Future House with Ryan Enzed

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Sonic Academy regular.. and our favourite Kiwi, Ryan Enzed returns with another monster course.


How To Make Future House takes the lid off this trending sub genre and dives into the production secrets of artists such as Don Diablo, Tchami, Kayliox and man of the moment Oliver Heldens. Expect metallic leads, subby baselines, bloc rocking beats and killer drops.


We show you everything from the first kick, to designing those lead sounds, to mixing and mastering your track ready for the world to hear. You also get the template to download and try out for yourself.


Not on Logic Pro X? Don’t worry.. all samples, Midi files and Synth sounds are exported for you to drag and drop into your chosen software.


*Please note this is a Artist Series course, and may contain the use of various 3rd party VST's


Recently when I use sonic academy I'm starting to get a bunch of pop-ups and security warnings from my anti-virus software. I feel like SA is pumping out more advertisements through the site? Only me?

Hi Nate, all our vids are completely ad free. We would never pump out ads in courses, I had something like a few years back, turned out to be the router. Would do a little investigating your end

Cool thanks Chris will do.

Tried to delete that comment, I trust its only my problem, not sure that worked.

Another great tutorial. Found out i had an adware problem. And I thought Macs were safe.... SMH!

Hey everybody at Sonicacademy, could you please make more tutorials in abelton, i have found a hard time finding any new, ableton tutorials lately.It would be much appreciated.

Its me or the melody sucks? but great tutorial!

I use Ableton and i can follow the tutorial easily !

Hey was anything ever panned? During the mix video I kept assuming you must just be mixing in mono until the very end then doing some panning. But unless i missed it did you leave everything right down the middle?

I think, It is not future house, sounds more like EDM.
( But tutorial is great.)

Outro is like a pep and rash drop:P

Tutorial is missing where Ryan added in the "Key" layer in with the breakdown. It randomly appears after the end of Lead Layering Part 2. I just added in a Korg M1, which seems to be what Ryan used. Curious to how he processed the Keys track.

good for you. i am a beginner, not some "amazing" dj yet

exactly, bud.
i have the same issue with cubase: i would like to subscribe monthly, (i'm a macprovideo subscriber), it seems that there aren't many tutorials made with cubase 7.5, or the latest version, v8.

guys from Sonicacademy, you will probably say "it's because more people are using logic"...
i would say "you interview and hire people that work on mac and logic only, and as a result, 90% of your videos come from mac, because *mac is cool and classy"

cubase 8 is currently, probably, the most complete and greatest daw out there: while there were only a few tutorials on youtube, mostly done on cubase 5(the famous free version...), today, we can easily notice that there are plenty of v7, 7.5 and v8 cubase tutorials... which means that there are much more people using it, now.

so it's just a matter of "wanting" to make more videos on cubase, rather on logic.

i guess everytime you do some brainstorming sessions to see what's your going to do next, there are people asking to do more videos on cubase... but then, the huge i-devices fans come in, and say "ohhhh, if we don't make these videos on logic, we will probably start losing some customers, that work on logic, and don't want cubase or fl studio or whatever*

and so, another tutorial is done on logic.

ok, many will argue "ohh, regardless of the daw, all the techniques can easily apply to other daws"...
then, if so, why not making more videos on cubase 8?
just like other do, logic users may as well watch those cubase videos and apply whatever techniques they see, on logic, right ??

you are afraid of making the precious mac-logic users mad, that's it... but if it's about to make "other daw users" mad, then, you have no problems with that.

so please, sonic academy guys, if you want me, and thousands other guys like me to subscribe, it's time to start making some great 4-5 hour long cubase 8 tutorials, with plenty of techniques, playing with the arpeggiators and the sidechained delay-compress-etc effects...creating some great macros... fine tuning the daw interface and colors... use the reverbs and other small legacy plugins that can still be really useful, if only people know they exist and can do this or that function...+ tons of great things that can be done with cubase... warp stuff, hitpoints stuff, chords, etc etc...

ps. stop a bit ,treating logic users like they are gods and kings, and one shouldn't upset them, while slightly ignoring other great daws.


Fantastic tutorial! Enjoyed all elements, particularly the lead layering. Great tips, thanks!

Check out this guy... Cheers

Samuel, I was just noticing the same thing. Ryan/Sonic Academy if you read this we would like to see this missing part please!

There's no mub reverse clap on download file.

Why Instructor just skips 'keys(m1)' part?