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Future Rave with Protoculture

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Following on from Protoculture’s Sound Design Tech Tips for Future Rave, we now bring you the full How To Make Future Rave course!

Over the next three hours of tutorials, Nate builds this absolute classic Future rave track from scratch - firstly looking at what defines the genre before piecing together our elements designed in the Tech Tips course. We then move on to arranging the layout before adding effects, ear candy and automation and then finishing off with a mixdown and master.

Simple to follow along using only Sonic Academy and free or stock plugins - with both courses combined, you literally have everything you need to nail this genre and produce your own hard-hitting epic Future Rave track!

But that’s not all…!

To celebrate this event we’re hosting another Remix Competition where you can use your newfound skills and make your very own version of this track with some incredible and exclusive prizes up for grabs!

Find out more by clicking on the ‘REMIX COMPETITION’ tab above!

Competition ends 03/09/2022 - 23:59 PT

Throughout this event we’ll chatting with you guys and answering any questions both in the comments section here and over on our dedicated forums page here!

I hope you mean that the competition ends 03/10/2022 and not 03/09/2022 :wink:

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From the Remix Competition Page it’s more likely that the competition end date is set to 25th SEP 2022.

Anyway, that’s been pointed to S.A Team and should be updated with correct dates soon :sunglasses:

Thanks for pointing this out :thumbsup:

The correct date is “Contest Ends 23/09/2022 - 23:59 PT” So sorry for the confusion !

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Good Vibes and good luck everybody for this remix competition .

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Excellent walk through, including the tech tips sound design portion, and an impeccable workflow closely matches mine. Top marks from me, Nate :slight_smile:

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Great course…Im learning a lot from it…

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