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The Futuristic Polar Bears burst onto the EDM scene at the start of 2011 with a string of huge releases including their massive club smash ‘Freakin’ on the mighty ‘Subliminal Records’ alongside Jason Herd. To immediate and great effect they have honed their sound of main-room House that has been devastating dance floors all over the globe and are a prime example that hard work, raw talent and commitment are fundamental when it comes to progressing in the industry.


In this course the boys show us their latest release JAMBA - showing us how they created this signature sound from start to finish including all of the nitty gritty when it comes to mixing and mastering.




Cool !

This is one of the better Artist series, thanks!


Its a good tutorial, but it&#039s hard to listen to. The ss cut through your ears. It&#039s very annoying

Would be good if I could view it on iPhone ð???

omg great videos !;, i subscribed again to sonic academy!!!!

Lots of good tips on effects, sweeps and risers! The over-all mix is very good. Any aspiring EDM producer would do well to study his use of EQ and his careful selection of all instruments and sounds.

You can really take something from these videos and apply them to your own projects with ease. Great job.

awesome guys! thanks for taking ur time and doing this tutorial

Even I&#039m not fan of this kind of music,the best artist walkthrough ! Thanks

O shit i had forgot to watch this one! Great tutorial Guys just missed the A/B comparisson on some instruments and FX.

P.s You&#039ve got mail

i am wondering if there any project files for this tutorials…if have i surely will subscribe.

hey - Unfortunately, there are no resources for this course as it is a Artist Walkthrough. i.e. it is the producer taking you through how they created the track. This particular artist could not share the project due to licensing restrictions