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Garage House with Dirty Secretz

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Richie Atkins aka Dirty Secretz this week for an all-new course in Ableton in How To Make Garage House.

From a blank project to a completed jackin’ Garage House track, Ritchie takes us through every element of building this upbeat, soulful and groove-laden number.

This is a course aimed at all levels so whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned producer, Richie’s easy-to-follow and clear methods shine through.
This track can be recreated in any DAW making it super accessible. Ritchie uses just two 3rd party plugins one of which is free and the other is our very own ANA 2 where you can download the demo version right here if needs be!

Get on it and get creative!

Only watched the keys part.
But I like it! Very nice presentation.
Now into the bass parts!

Thumbs up!

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top class course been waiting for this for so long. simple but effective as always

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I’ve taken a lot of courses on Sonic Academy and elsewhere, and Dirty Secretz is my favourite tutor by a mile. Everything is explained so well, and his workflow makes building a track really enjoyable! The end result is always quality. More courses from him please!

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this course is ace - Dirty Secretz, like PLASK, takes you thru the crucial fundamentals and shows valuable tips and tricks to give you that extra edge. Nice move with the freebie Izotope Imager - learn something new everyday. Perfect, methodical approach that is the perfect way for someone new to Ableton to develop “good habits” - yes, please, more Dirty Secretz! This course is ace

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Hi. How do the keys of the drum samples come into play when building out the drums?

@DirtySecretz Your own custom theme? Where did you get it and what is the title of it. have some that could be it but very curious because it looks good.

To be honest, I very rarely pitch my drum samples - if it doesn’t work I’ll just pick a different sample so I guess it’s mostly by ear that I’m picking out whether it works or not.

Yes, it’s actually the Sonic Academy theme from Ableton Themes (created by Phil)…

Ableton Themes is actually my site :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the course!

what did you use 9 bars when creating the kick midi? and not 8…

Hello Richie
I sincerely think that this is one of your best tutorial for the moment.
I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.
Sound Design Richie

Wow !
Thank You !

Great !!

Excellent course with something useful for all levels.

Brilliant course - especially as it’s all pretty much stock Ableton, proving you can make a great track without spending a fortune on plugins (you can recreate the ANA part in Wavetable if you need to).

Love the tutorial style - lots of top tips, easy to follow, and something for both the beginner and those more comfortable with the software.

This is the result: Stream Be Happy (Main Mix) by LINEY//PIRATE | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Excellent course very easy to follow thank you very much

Great course!!

@DirtySecretz Love love love this course. Thank you.

I am stumped, however, by one little Ableton action that you do and am hoping you will recognize and can tell me what is off in what I’m doing:

In “Tutorial 14 - Breakdown Arrangement” around 17.00+ you drag a .wav drum sample from the browser onto a MIDI clip.

When I do this, I get an Ableton “Convert Audio To MIDI” dialogue box that asks “What type of audio material are you converting? (Harmony) (Melody) (Drums)”

I’ve tried to make sure my settings are all the same as what I see in your demo:

  • lock is on
  • automation is off

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you very much from San Diego, California!