"how to make" glitch hop/dubstep like "PRETTY LIGHTS" using soulful samples and modern VSTi's- Sylenth1 & Massive*** check videos in description

first of all love this site so much and all the variety of tutorials. ive requested several times for how to make music like Pretty Lights, and hopefully one day we’ll see some videos, either way its all good. at least check the videos, its hard not to like this stuff.

they have blown up over the last few years, headlining festivals all across the US this year such as Bonnaroo and selling out major venues for their entire tour, such as the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. they are on FIRE!!!

would love to see how to make music like them using old school soulful samples and adding modern electronics with heavy layered dubstep style bass, punchy glitched out drums, and upbeat smooth eccentric melodies and optimistic psychedelia.

the main thing id really like to see is how to write complex arrangements such as Pretty Lights. its always changing and you seem to get lost in a complicated interwoven web of musical bliss.

List of Samples Used->

first sample appears 0:01 from Aaron Neville “tell it like it is”

second sample appears 1:27 (and throughout) from

Donny Hathaway “I Believe to My Soul”

third sample appears 5:23, 5:44, 6:24, 6:48 (and throughout) from

Led Zepplin “Black Dog”

best part at 3:14, how do you glitch the vocals like that???!!


from Bonnaroo 2011 ReCap[hr]



free album downloads at->http://prettylightsmusic.com/

If they do it in logic, ok. Otherwise people will refer you to the glitchHop house tutorial currently available.

Granted that tutorial is a little haphazard in the arrangement of effects and the audio in the arrange window( Live just works this way ) but it worked like a charm.

In logic I think it would be done much differently.

I think it is a great idea, they have such awesome sounds that are really unique to any other artist and I think this is a must!