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In Sonic Academy's all new artist series, Big Vision Reocrds label boss and the man behind the buzz and cool cuts No. 1 '1000 years'  Jupiter Ace's massive main room house course is here. Having remixed for the likes of Fatboy Slim and Flo-Rida, Jupiter Ace, aka Gregorgy Ferguson, gives you the low down on his lastest vocal monster  "Glowing in the Dark' featuring Geneva Lane.

With support for this track coming from the likes of Benny Benassi and David Guetta you know this is a 'How To Make' not to missed. From bassline drops in Reaktor to peak time builds using sylenth you are sure to learn new production techniques over the next 4 hours


Wow, gives u an amazing insight on an awesome track! Thank you Ace Best video IMO!

forgot the â?¦ Ace, Best video IMO

Amazing set of videos. Loved how for the most part everything was truly simple, but in the end, so effective. I think it&#039s very easy to overcomplicate things when making electronic music, but this series really puts things into perspective. Thanks for the insight!

LFO tools is about 50 dollars, not 15. Quite a difference.

Great videos, but impossible to do on your own without paying for all the plugs. But you could definitely put the information to use when making your own tracks.

Amazing serie of videos ! By curiosity, what is the key of the track ? Beatport says one thing, Mixed in key another and from what I&#039ve seen from the lead and chords, I would say A minor... Could anyone confirm it please ? :)

Just use your keyboard homie, it&#039s easy to figure out. Just play along to the track, until you find the root note.

Sorry for not answering...... teach a man to fish, ya kno?

Great vids.

This video course gave me more information than all previous. Thank you for that!!! :)

Awesome vocal! Great course, I learned a lot.

This tutorial is the reason why i moved back to sonic academy! I&#039m quite experienced in Ableton and Logic, but sometimes it is nice to see someone going straight trough his poject, focussed on the main idea, choosing the right sounds, working out every element carefully...I found a lot of nice little inspirations, like the conga sound from Ultrabeat. Thanks for sharing that one!

Lots of great insight that I can apply in my own tracks. Thank you very much. Love the NI sub bass and base line!

where are the recources??

Can we have the resources please?

Amazing Tut Fellows SA rulez !!

resources :/

Haha the key thing baffled me, you notice at the start when mr ace is jamming the chords melody its in c# minor - after the first few vids (programming midi in a minor) I was thinking it sounds different (lower). After going on beatport and finding the tune is indeed in C# minor I also then noticed in the lh window all midi is transposed +4 semitones! sneaky - copyright? Or is a minor easy to program in - either way, very confusing at first!