How To Make - Hard Dance in Ableton Live / 405

 In this course we take a look at making a Hard Dance track from Beats & basslines to Arranging and mastering. We cover loads cool stuff like geting chunky driving drum loops and creating breaks and fills.

I am aware that this is gonna be difficult especially because im still new to creation but thanks even though i have fl i think i can still use this tutorial.

Hi- I’ve watched the drum perc sections so far and can see you’ve not used any compression thus far.

Is this normal? I think I’ve convinced myself from watching online tuts that I must compress everything

@Ceeyo Compression can be used and often is in heavily layered tracks where the focus is on other bass instruments and lush leads as it helps them to cut through. That said, it is a creative choice and in more drum focussed music (especially if the drums are meant to be big and hard instead of clicky like they are in electro and trance) it is often not applied until the end of the mix. I almost never use compression, other than for side chain when needed, until the end of the mix.

Hi, I followed the step by step walkthrough by creating it myself. This way I could understand it a little better instead of just watching it. This was the first time I put a song together and I learned a lot from it, especially where you made an extra to the bass with the kick sample. This leaves me with 1 more question: where are the samples from? I knew you said it somewhere in the videos but can’t remember where that was.

This course is great. There ain’t really many tutorials for hard dance / Hard House about. I would like to see some more

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Yes please! More Hard Dance!