How to make Hard trance bass like Walt or Like Kidd Kaos?

How to make this Hard trance style of bass Walt Walt - Let The Music Play (Original Mix) - YouTube or this Kidd Kaos Kidd Kaos & Chris Cook - Get Your Hands - YouTube

It sounds like just a distorted Sawtooth with glide/portamento on it mate. Load up a synth and pick a sawtooth, put the polyphony on the synth to 1 (so it only plays a single note at a time) Play in the bassline notes you want and make sure they all join (no gaps, where one note ends the next one starts) then there should be a glide/portamento button, select glide and play the bassline and then adjust the glide time until the notes glide into each other nicely. As for the distortion, thats up to you. Get a distortion plug in and mess around until it brings out what you want in the sawtooth

Thank you so much)br
Can you say which vst better for that saw ?

Any will do mate. A saw is just a saw. If you don’t like the tone of the saw apply an EQ straight after the synth and mess around until you like the sound, but remember to compensate the levels too. Take note of your meters and switch the EQ on and off and make sure it isn’t any louder (doesn’t peak any higher on the meter) when you turn the EQ on as this will naturally sound better, just because it’s louder, not because it actually sounds better. The synth’s that come with your DAW will be fine, just listen to the SOUND. Waveforms shouldn’t sound a lot, if at all different played by any synth wether you’ve paid £200 for it or it comes with your DAW, it’s the rest of the synth what you pay the money for (It’s filters, modulation capabilities, other waveforms and it’s different synthesis engines etc) Thats just a sawtooth by the sound of it mate (could possibly be a thin pulse wave though) any synth will work fine. Experiment with some distortion too, “Overdrive” and “Saturator” in Ableton, “Distortion” or “Overdrive” in Logic. Theres a few good 3rd party distortion units too.

Thank you!

No worries mate