How To Make - House 2014 in Live 9 / 264

In this course we make use of our "HERO" vocals once again, this time creating a bassline heavy electro / house style track in Ableton Live 9. 

All the lead and bass parts are created using our ANA soft synth, but as always, you can use any synthesiser you have at your disposal to follow along with the course.

All project files and sample are included as part of your subscription from the Files & Resources tab.


Great track. I learned quite a bit. Question on the baseline on tutorial 7, after creating the mid lead sound, why don't you just turn down the clipping ANA instead of using the compressor or turn down Ana and do a slight compression ? Is there an advantage in doing your method? I assume there is so can you explain. Thank you

Hi Tiffany . Try doing it both ways and see which you prefer .
Compressing it this way evens out the sound by raising the volume of the lows and lowering the volume of the loud parts. Was just the sound I was going for at the time !

I like the track.
Learned a lot.

Hey Bryan,
Just wanted to thank you for the great video's

I just finished and as noob producer without any knowledge of production I learned a shit ton just now ;)

Going to put it all to the test in just a few moments haha.

Again thanks.!!!

Hi Bryan.

If i want to download this video, what do I have to do? Gold members can buy it at 70% off right? I cant find a button where I can buy it.

HI Bryan,

I got up to tutorial 4 -sub bass and the video is not available. Can you look into this please. Great tutorial btw, learned lots so far :)


We will be making this available for purchase very soon ! Keep checking back !

We will be making this available for purchase very soon ! Keep checking back

can i follow this course using ableton live 9 intro?

Same problem here. I wanted to buy it, but no buy button.

I've got the same problem here :(

This tutorial was the basis for a new album track I'm working on... cheers and thanks Bryan Spence and the rest of the Sonic Academy team!

it will be available to buy this week

I Love it .

Wow, very cool track. I learned tons watching and listening to you work. Thanks!

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Bryan can you follow this course with Ableton live 9 intro? I already have Nick R’s kick drum but I haven’t purchased ANA synth yet. If you see this, let me know. Thx boss

The vocals for this track are so COOL!

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sorry, i just noticed your reply - You could try and follow in intro yes… I think you may run out of Instrument / Audio tracks, however.

You will definitely need a Synthesiser of some sort however

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This was an immensely helpful course that helped me make my first original remix. Along with the introduction to the ANA synth through this course has been awesome. A+