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How To Make Deep Progressive House

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The wait is finally over, and we’re super excited to launch one of our most detailed and epic courses to date as we bring you How To Make Deep Progressive House with Matt Lange!

In this awesome six and half-hour course Matt recreates his incredible brand new track ‘Shimmer’ from his forthcoming album entirely from scratch.

Focussing on the songwriting first and foremost, he records live guitar and bass before moving into Pro Tools where we use ANA 2 to recreate synth hardware patches he made in the original.
We get a detailed look at how Matt deals with vocals in a separate session before diving into the multi-layered drums and percussion, where even recordings of vegetables are thrown into the mix! There’s further recreative sound design in ANA 2 which adds call-and-response bass lines before we arrange the track, add unique transition FX and time-stretched vocals and then mix the track down so it’s ready to be sent off for mastering.

This course genuinely has everything from live recordings, sound design, meticulous processing where each element has the opportunity to do more, and of course cats!

If How To Make Deep Progressive House doesn’t inspire you to get in front of your DAW and start creating something new, then we don’t know what will?

Check it out!

Oh wow… can’t wait to delve into this one - thanks all :slight_smile:

So happy you did this! I’ve been wondering how to incorporated acoustic guitar into Progressive House. Your course has given me encouragement and inspiration to be experimental and not fear bringing non traditional instruments into the EDM world. Thanks!

Cats inside.

Excellent preview…Matt is a Legend !!

Hi- is it ok to ask what the course resources are with this one? I can see there are 2, but not WHAT they are as I’m not currently subscribed. Might re-sub if there was a full project or stems in there!

Hey there @sikdrumz

The course resources include a full Protools project file + all rendered audio archive as well as a stems archive.

Awesome, thank you

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Thanks so much for this insight into your workflow Matt, really enjoyed this series and gained a lot personally. Cheers!

I really enjoyed this course. It’s so informant and funny once in a while.

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I watched this 3 times already, Matt delivers a masterclass!! Thank you guys!

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Enjoyed your mono’ing the signal in order to emulate the signal passing through your CB Tonal Recall. I appreciate such attention to detail.

This was a very interesting course. It was hard to follow in places as it is somewhat advanced, but I went back over some of the videos a couple of times and got the gist of what Matt was doing.

Shimmer is an excellent track taken from a great album and I was hooked after hearing the first few bars of beats. It reminded me of the type of ‘true’ progressive house that I used to love in the late 90’s/early 00’s. So refreshing to hear that type of thing again, as most of what’s called progressive house these days is pure tripe and as Matt points out; isn’t very progressive at all.

It was great to see all the work that went into not only the beats, but the guitars, synths, effects and particularly the vocals. It was great being exposed to all the different plug-ins also, I’d never heard of most of them before, so I’ve been busy trying some of them out myself.

The guest appearances by the cat were very entertaining :slight_smile:

Sonic Academy, you really need better quality tuts on the site like this one. Please get Matt back to do another!

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Welcome on the forums ! :sunglasses:

Thanks for your comment and feedback :+1:

Amazing course. Matt explains very well what he is doing.
I appreciated also the final thoughts “get weird, get wacky” because it is the creative process that requires it.
I suggest this course.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

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