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How To Make Drum n Bass

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This week we welcome back Haterade for a new ‘How To Make’ course where he builds a slammin’ Drum ‘n’ Bass track entirely from scratch in Ableton.

Over these twelve videos, you’ll learn how to design powerful layered basslines, driving beats, awesome fills and transitions and a lot more with a simple and easy-to-follow flow from start to finish.

Covering all bases of sound design, tips and tricks, arrangement and mixing and mastering, all without extensive use of third party plugins, this course is accessible for all abilities. So what are you waiting for?

Go check out how this track was made, and you’ll be making your own D’n’B track in no time!

that ANA2 skin! where did you get it?


It’s a 3rd party skin available from Echo Sound Works and part of their Roses bundle, not sure if that’s available outside of this bundle.

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ok thanks

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