How To Make - How To Remix in Reason / 409

In this How to Remix course we take the parts of Clown Parlour's track "Stanley Kubrick" and show you how to create a massive remix with distorted beats, twisted acid lines, 80's synths, chopped up vocals, filtered loops and much more. We use Reason's powerful on board synths and FX such as Dr. Rex, Redrum, Thor, NN-XT, RV700, Scream Distortion Unit plus lots more. We get inside the mind of remixer and Reason expert Graham Ginty to find out not only how he used (and abused) the technology but what the thought process was behind putting together this massive remix.

right from tutorial 2, prepping samples, i come to appreciate the value of something like ReCycle app from Reason Studios to help make rex files - “old” is “gold” guys - keep these classic tuts. They’re always handy