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How To Sound Like Afterlife

This week Geoff, aka Bluffmunkey, is back with a different take on our usual ‘How To Make’ courses. This time he’s aiming for a certain style, referencing the awesome Melodic Techno Afterlife label and building a track in a genre that he hasn’t attempted before - so, in effect we’re learning at the same time as him.

Starting with a set of reference tracks form artists such as Yotto, Colyn and Stephan Jolk, we try and find out the common themes and layout with this style before going through each of the different elements in-depth of Bluffmunkey’s track. From beat creation, sound design, arrangement, effects and mastering, we check out how close he gets to the Afterlife sound.

What do you think? We reckon he nails it, so check it out!

- Spotify Playlist -

A question: Do you have a tip for a good Tom Plugin or Tom Preset Pack?

And just a workflow tipp: If you mark multi Ableton plugins and just press “0” on your keyboard all marked inserts are deactivated and afterwards you can switch on one after the other.


Have you checked Sonic Academy Utimate Drums Sample Packs ?
All drums you need are in there :wink:

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Sooooo helpful, that studio next door bass was driving me nuts, didnt know it was so simple to get rid of.

Thanks for the tutorial, exactly what I was after.

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Kick 2 has some Tom presets. Dom Kane uses it in the How To Sound Like Patrice Bäumel tutorial. Tutorial 3 - Bass about 10 mins in.

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As an ex Trance Producer that Moved into this Genre ( Now as El Retsof ) , I ended up stripping a lot of big elements out and making them come and go through a track . I stumbled into this genre about 5/6 years ago when ,not called this sub genre .
Very Good presentation as ever and enjoyed the track -maybe too much Fx Sweeps etc ? However , that’s a whole other debate !!!


Hi Bluffmunkey, I really like this course. I’m unable to find your Spotify playlist, the Synthwave one was no problem!

This link is working fine for me here : Spotify Playlist

Have you tried to use a different web browser maybe ?


Totally agree bud, and I even mentioned that in the final thoughts video. This was genuinely the first time I tried to make this genre though, and trying to figure out what I did ‘wrong’ was part of the process. It’s that old trance muscle memory smashing those sweeps in lol.

I think the idea of the presenter making a track that is outside of his comfort zone and showing his/her strategy and approach is fantastic. Please, more of this!

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