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This week we welcome back Haterade for a new ‘How To Sound Like’ course, and this time he’s writing a track from scratch in the style of the brilliant Tech House/House DJ and producer - Chris Lake.

Mainly using ‘A Drug From God’ as a reference to work from, Noah starts with a loop of the drums and bass crafted in ANA 2 before laying out a skeleton arrangement using the reference track.

He then dives into some cool sound design techniques to fill out the track with epic risers, incidentals, transitions, vocals and more to capture that classic ‘Chris Lake’ vibe before mixing down and a basic master so the track can be played out.

The end result is a dope groove with awesome builds, epic drops and a classic bass line hook peppered with effects that totally nails that sound!

Check it out!

Let’s gooo!!! so pumped for this course. Noah you’re amazing

Same Lets GOOO, Chris Lake always bringing the HEAT…

Finally after One Week of Taking this MasterClass i have finally finished my 1st ever track thanks to this master class…

Ive never finished a track or knew how to go about automating, adding sounds to progress the track or anything in general to make a full complete track but this masterclass allowed me to apply the techniques and i was able to finish recreating the track…

If you guys are interested in listening here’s the LINK :

only reason im sharing this is for others so that they can also know its possible with this course…

Thanks Man & looking forward to more of your courses <3

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@gabe2012 this Sound Cloud link seems to be broken, pointing to a “Track Not Found” Page.

Also FYI, there’s a dedicated Track Feedback section on the forums that’s more appropriate to share this :wink:
You can post there and refer to this tutorial and also receive feedback from others.

Gotcha, thanks for the info…
This is Hands Down one of my favorite masterclass just because is easy to follow & its totally smooth !
this is the track…Basically i used different samples for the most part but was able to follow along…
Now i will use this Masterclass again and try to create a Original using the same techniques with different ideas…

Excellent tutorial, Noah. Only nitpicks would maybe be the lack of labeling all tracks made it a tad tough to follow when you jumped around and there was some tweaking done without verbal instruction in certain areas which made it difficult to follow at times for someone with a “lower grade” eyesight like me. But again, fantastic.

Great tutorial.

He says this course is for beginners, but he does almost every move making this track without properly explaining why he’s making that move. He just does it and expects you to follow along. Clearly he did not take enough time to prepare this lesson and is going with the flow.

Constantly going to the next step without finishing talking about the current step he was just on.

Reaches for knobs all the time without even mentioning why, making it feel really rushed as well.

Also this seems like a really inorganic and clunky way to approach a track from scratch.

Missing PMMV Synth C Atomsphere.wav sample . .

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Yes, can’t find a PMMV Synth C Atmosphere.wav either in the resources files.

@WING would help if you point out a video number and time frame where the sample is used :sunglasses:

@Haterade maybe this one was not included or named differently ?? Thx :wink:

@Tekalight @WING

I’m not sure where this file is in the context of the project. I’ve just opened the original and it does not appear in the project.

Could you send a timestamp of where you see this sample?

Thanks for chiming in @Haterade :wink:

Yeah, so the sample is in use in Tutorial 07 - Synths Part 2 at around 0:20 ( very beginning ), inserted on Audio Track 34 inside Live ( so it should be in the final .als file I believe ( can’t check this at the minute since I have Live 10 on my current machine ).

However the sample is not included in the Samples And Presets folder available in the resources downloads.

For some reason my subscription is not working so I am unable to view this part of the video.

I may have swapped this sample out for another one later on in the course. I’ll reach out to the site admins to see if I can get my subscription issue resolved and view the video and get a solution.

@Tekalight @WING

I will have a look to the final .als project file on a computer with Live 11.

I’ve messaged Chris about the sub :wink:

@WING @Haterade

Sorry for delayed reply :wink:

So yes, seems that a different sample was used in the final project after checking in Live 11 here.

The sample used in the end is “PMMW_Synth_C_Glide_Me” and it’s included in the resources files :thumbsup:

is there a way you can make a copy of your Live template…i see it makes your workflow super intuitive

Welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

Not sure if that’s the template you’re referring to but there’s a Live Project File including in the course’s resources downloads.

Thanks for develop your techniques, in tech house production guys!

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: