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How To Sound Like Fisher

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This week we welcome back Haterade for a new ‘How To Sound Like’ course, and this time he’s recreating a version of the number 1 track ‘Losing It’ by Australian Producer Fisher.

Aimed at beginners, this is an easy-to-follow track to build from scratch but will introduce you to all the elements needed when producing dance music, from beat creation, sound design, arrangement, effects, mixing and mastering.

Using predominantly stock plugins, this can be followed along in any DAW as the samples and MIDI are provided - and at just over an hour long, it’s not too daunting for those just starting out.

A great example of how keeping it simple can still get epic results!

Check it out!

Cheers Noah such much gold in an hour tutorial.

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Had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

Sick thank you!

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Thanks for the tutorial.
Really nice for a beginner that you explained the sound design in the synths!

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