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How To Sound Like Marshmello

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Haterade’s back with us for a new ‘How To Make’ course where he creates a classic EDM track from scratch in the style of Marshmello and The Chainsmokers in Ableton live 11.

Using Marshmello’s ‘Proud’ as a reference, Noah lays down the bass and chords sharing some cool chord writing tips before adding the vocals so we can build up from there.

With powerful layered synths, playable vocal chops, clever percussive techniques and more, this easy-to-follow course has everything you need if you’re looking for that EDM fix!

Go check it out!

Thank you Haterade for the whole breakdown. Great video and everything you explained made sense. :smiley:

this is by far the best tutorial video I have watched, the song he produced sounds amazing, this guy should do more videos, the subscribers would learn a lot

thanks for making this video and sharing your knowledge very much appreciated :slight_smile:


You can check the other courses from Noah here and there will be more to come :wink:

Great course! I’m just having little problem with the video player. The video controls (paus/play button and timeline) have disappeared in most of the videos. It’s mush easier to follow along when you can paus and go back i the videos. Hope you can fix it! Thanks for a otherwise superb video!


Thank you for pointing this out, this has been reported to S.A Team and they are looking into it.

EDIT : This should be fixed now :wink:

It’s always fun watching competent producers do their work. Just one suggestion: Close the browser when working on the arrangement. It would help to get a full view of you’re doing.

Thank you learned so much from this course really in depth and some really cool tips

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the course amazing but not all the samples in the Resources folder

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: