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How To Sound Like Mau P

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This week, we welcome back Haterade for an all-new ‘How To Sound Like’ course where he takes on a Tech House classic ‘Drugs from Amsterdam’ by Mau P.

Mau P is making a major impact on the house music scene. The Amsterdam native eats, breathes and sleeps music. His debut single “Drugs From Amsterdam” was one of the hottest tracks in the scene over the summer, being played at every major festival.

Noah has supplied everything you need in the resources, including his designed ANA 2 presets, so you can easily follow along and quickly piece this one together or alternatively change things up to get your own sound.

Although there aren’t too many elements in this track, the groove really comes into its own by automating build-ups and drops, along with some varied vocal chops and transitions.

Check it out and enjoy!

Hi. I have problem importing most of the aif files (Cubase on Mac). Also if I want to convert them, I get same error on different convert tools - “could not find COMM tag…”. Is it only my problem or are the files corrupted? For example Cowbell SP.aif, Hihat Shy Closed.aif etc…

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All fine with these for me in Ableton…

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@riva Yes some .aif files won’t open in Cubase and also not with audio converters, all samples are loading fine inside Ableton though.

I’ve converted all samples to .wav audio files from Ableton, please check your PM.

Just sent you a message with a Dropbox link :sunglasses:

Hope this helps !


Update : The Samples have now been updated for everyone in the Course Resources downloads :+1:

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Thank you!

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nice thk you

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Samples missing in Ableton on iMac.

Did you download the sample folder?

Yes. But when I opened the project file, some samples were missing and didn’t play.

Some issue were reported with Cubase but not with Ableton Live.

When this happens inside Ableton Live, you can click on the error message at the bottom of the interface and it should open the project file manager and point out what samples or files are missing, from there you can re-link those files.

More info about this on this Ableton Help Page.

I know what you’re saying but there are 21 files missing and can’t be found. Maybe it’s a Mac upgrade issue. I often have those with Ableton (why I mostly stick with LP). Anyway, sounds like it’s on my end. Fun song, though. Thanks!