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How To Sound Like Patrice Bäumel

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This week we welcome back mau5trap artist Dom Kane for an all-new course in his preferred DAW Bitwig where he creates a track based on Patrice Bäumel’s epic sound.

Dom’s specifically designed this course to be followed in any DAW with just ANA 2, Kick 2 and LFO Tool being the only non-stock plugins of choice.

Over these 12 videos, he creates a loop of crafted sounds from initialised presets, which includes the kick, bass, synths and effects while adding a minimal number of samples to build the groove and add vocals. It’s then down to a carefully thought-out arrangement using LFO’s and automation lanes to evolve the track into a percussive but melodic techno classic.

Accessible for all abilities this is a course everyone can get something from.

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I enjoy Dom Kane as a tutor - and learn Bitwig at the same time; bonus