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How To Sound Like Rezz

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This week, we welcome back Haterade for an all-new ‘How To Sound Like’ course, and this time he’s recreating a track in the style of Canadian producer Rezz.

Known for her dark, moody songs and a Mau5trap favourite, Noah delves into the elements that define her sound before building a track from scratch, incorporating some of those elements and sounds as he goes.

Aimed at producers of all abilities, this course covers sound design, beat creation, build-ups, transitions and more, and the end result is an epic, dark hard-hitting track - with all the hallmarks of a dope Rezz classic.

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Thanks for a great tutorial! It occurred to me as you set up the melody in Simpler that it’s the demogorgon theme from Stranger Things but pitched up. It’s cool how you can take a few seconds from one piece of music and creat something entirely different. Thanks!

fav course on here!

@haterade Great course! Lots of good sound design tips.

In the last video, the Ozone Imager Stereoize option is made for mono signal, so you would normally leave it off.

The drop part of your tutorial is very interesting I think I will put this in a Psytrance production. Thanks a lot.

Great tutorial :slight_smile: love it.

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