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How To Sound Like Tucandeo in FL Studio

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Over the next 10 videos we will taking you through the key areas of FL Studio, presented by Danny Tucandeo


In this course we will take a look at the user interface / creating drums, bass, plucks, top lines and arranging. As well as making use of 3rd party VST plugins and incorporating some of FL Studios FX modules.

We then move on to arranging before adding automation to the final project and doing a mixdown.


*Please note, as this is a Artist Series course, there may be use of some 3rd party plugins



Happy that you guys are doing some FL studio courses

yeah more fl studio tutorialsss

Thanx for this one :-)

Wauw! Finally some Fl Studio Tutorials. Every once in a while I surf to this website just to check if you have it. Finally after all those years! You just got a new subscriber! More More More!

Guys, we have more FL tuts on the way, stay tuned!

I'm not novice on fl studio so if I can help tell me

you know that you can keep automation on the tracks and choose which view you want automation or clips in the arrangement windows :) ,sorry i'm A virus lol, I like to help

dont know whay you mix on prefader and sidechain with peak controller , this alter all equalizer and compressor on each mixer track we can use ,and some pulgin cant catch the signa and do the right job if the coming signal is not at least -6db!i dont agree with this method man ,it is some kind of pre-mixing or quick level adjustement ,we earned at previous tutorial that mixing start with puting all post faders down then bring their level but if thes faders move how we can control the balance?

I agree to some point with your statement, Smartfusion. However, if using the peak controller works for this guy, then that's all that matters. This is how i approach everything production related (whatever works best for you).

Yes of course I didnt tel that this dont work , this work and it is a
great job really ,but just I prefer to put a volume on the track and
peak controller to this ,and leave fader for mixing , cause he is doing
pre fader mixing and every engineer in the world will tell you this is
not godd , of course if there is no compression at all that can be the


I wouldn't say this track is rubbish, but its pretty simplistic, but that might be my opinion i don't want to offend anyone, or anyone's opinion, but i hope the next FL Studio tutorial will contain a more sophisticated track.

Greetz, Jens!

When will be you guys do a more advanced tutorial on FL Studio guys? I'm considering a membership, however with only one FL tutorial I've got my doubts. Thanks!?

Hi DD, we have an awesome FL Studio tut coming from SeamlessR in the next few weeks. We will be doing more FL stuff in the coming months. Stay tuned

More FL Studio tutorials please!

Coming right up...

Excellent! Learned a lot from a true talent. Thank you for sharing.

Great tutorial. Thanks!

great tutorial!

Loved what the tutorial covers.