How To Make - Jackin House with Dirty Secretz / 244

Returning with another supreme course, Sonic Academy favourite Dirty Secretz, rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business in this no nonsense ‘How To Make Jackin House’ 


Richie takes us through the core elements of this genre from the deep groovy baseline to creating an infectious piano riff. Following this we move on to recording and processing vocals and finally adding ambience for that pro finished sound. He also looks in great detail at adding effects and tweaking the arrangement for maximum dance floor impact. 


No fluff, no messing - straight to the point but maximum learning in this course. Enjoy!



Nice one you guys...please do a 2015 G house tutorial soon!!!

finally he's done another! love Richie's work. For me, the best fella on here showing us how to make music. can't wait to get stuck into this, and it's jackin' tech! these are the tutorials SA needs, more Ableton too! :)

Richie is excellent. Good work SA.

This is a really good tutorial mate, Props!


Good tutorial :)

Best Ableton tutorial so far. Please more ableton tutorials!! Thanks guys!!

Dear Chris Agnelli, why not approach a developer and do a proper Sonic Academy App. You would be the first ... Then you could link it to Facebook, music radar, your own instant messenger etc, store points card... This would propel your marketing to the next level !!! Peace x

this is a g house tutorial.


Big Soundtrack , thank You Richie . This course is very complete .

Than you Richie .

Love these tutorials guys, any chance of a sharam jey/ illusionize style tutorial?

Many thanks.

this is one of my favorite on the website, awesome techniques explored

awesome course, really helpful and informative, thanks

Helped me alot, this is the sort of sound im looking to produce. 5 star

Such a thorough and helpful course. Thank you for the walk-through!

Totally liked this course… thanks.

hey richie, I would really like you to do a recap of one of your releases, maybe the one on your youtube channel where you were tweaking an edit. I love the classic house sound, Especially the drums you make, Id really like to see a drums video maybe where you focus on different programming of beats. Cheers and I hope you are doing well.