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Kangiten with Paolo Mojo

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This week Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back underground house maestro Paolo Mojo for an all-new ‘How To Make’ course showcasing his awesome new track ‘Kangiten’, released on Argentinian electronic ambassador Hernan Cattaneo’s label - Sudbeat.

Underpinned by phat 909s, phased percussion and shimmery chords all culminating in a rapturous tour-de-force end-of-the-nighter, ‘Kangiten’ highlights Paolo’s obvious studio talent, and over these 19 videos, we get exclusive access to how this track created.

Rebuilt from the ground up in Logic Pro X, he takes us step-by-step from writing the expressive main chords to creating rhythm and groove through synths and percussive elements. We check out the effects used to help the transitions along with vocal textures and synth layering to fill the track further, before moving into the arrangement and a pre-master to finalise.

But it doesn’t end there!

We’ve teamed up with Sudbeat to offer you guys a chance of winning some cool prizes and ultimately getting a release on their label by running another fantastic remix competition!
The How To Make Kangiten Remix Contest is exclusive here on Sonic Academy and we know we have one of the best music-making communities anywhere so it’s over to you!

You can now download the files from this awesome tune and start working your magic!

We have shown you how to make the tune, now it’s over to you to get creative, make a dope remix of this track and show the world your production talent.

Just click the ‘Enter Remix Comp’ button above to find out more! This competition is open to all Sonic Academy registered users.

Contest ends - 14 October 2018 07:00:00 UTC

Very elegant and musical tutorial. I like the flow of the thinking and operating of Paolo Mojo . You can learn a lot how to operate Logic and i love the presets of the EFX. No need to work super fast just to have understanding and knowledge how to write a great tune. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Following this course right now and only after watching a few videos I can already tell that this tutorial is simply brilliant !

Next to the very detailed presentation & the musicality of the track itself, you will learn a ton in terms of Logic Pro X tips, structured workflow and good & practical habits. Insight about the origin of the track and Paolo’s comments about his way to craft this piece are very valuable. Paolo Mojo is well known for focusing on high quality & musical releases rather than quantity and “Kangiten” is no exception in that regard.

Finally, the provided tutorial resources with the full Logic project, Paolo’s own Logic shortcuts, audio & midi files makes it a definitive “one not to miss” course with a high value package.

Thanks a lot to Paolo Mojo & S.A to bring out this course and going for a new Remix Competition right on time.
Expecting to see & listen to a huge number of remixes and the time frame until mid September is just perfect. :smile:

Update : Confirmation upon watching the complete course, brilliant & very informative !


Great tutorial , correct me if I am wrong but when Paulo says the track is drove by 32nd notes to me they look like 16th’s?

Hi @mickymouse

The notes are well quantize at 32, it might not be always obvious watching it on screen but if you download the tutorial resource files, you’ll find the Midi bar progression confirming this, even if you’re not using Logic X and can’t load the full project, those Midi files should help you to check this.

Love entirely this tutorial. Paolo Mojo is just an amazing artist and a very good teacher.

very very cool

One of the best and quite detailed workflow. Thanks!

Love the course, but wondering is there not any panning/stereo in the mix?

Hey @wybz - can you explain a bit more please?

Hi Chris, I mean that inon of the channels is panned to left or right, but all in the middle.

so niceee!

Paolo is a quality producer and DJ, and Kangiten is a really great track.
Started doing this course and it seems really good so far. At this point I’ve only completed the first few chapters, but things have been well explained and I’m enjoying the course.

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