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Light with WNTER

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This week we’re taking the tempo down a notch and proudly welcome new tutor and multi-instrumentalist, Thomas Cochran aka WNTER, for an all new course in how to make his track ‘Light’.

Originally from Austin TX and now based in LA, WNTER focuses on creating electronic music that fuses ambient, classical and organic influences, and a passion for modern sound design which is showcased in this awesome 5 hour course created in Reason 10.

Starting with the design of the pad sound using clever resampling techniques that feature throughout this course, WNTER builds his track from the ground up creating percussive elements, 808 and mid bass sounds before sculpting the main hook and supporting melodies - all with ambient organic textures to create a truly unique sounding masterpiece. We then check out the arrangement of the different sections keeping it varied and interesting for the listener, before moving on to the mixdown and mastering stage to finalise.

An inspirational course that focuses on the high level of detail needed to achieve this distinctive overall sound - and don’t forget, the stems and samples are included so you can follow along in any DAW.

Definitely one worth checking out!

The preview of the track really hooked me. Interesting granular stuff going on - reminds me of the vibe on some of ableton 9/10 demo tracks… i’m not usually into ambient type stuff but this is an interesting departure and well crafted. Am eager to follow along, despite not having Reason… props to WNTER. This tutorial looks to be a WNNER! :slight_smile: