How To Make - Liquid Drum n Bass / 597

very well explained. thanks


Great for beginners and as a refresher. Recommended.

Great tutorial, thanks Dualistic.
The stuff about harmony, melody and composition was especially appreciated, as those topics don’t always get much attention, in tutorials of this genre.
I also liked the way you shared many of your thoughts and philosophies about how you approach things. It provided great insight into the reasoning behind the techniques you used.
And the track sounds great, of course.

Just what I needed! Many thanks

I’m struggling with the topline in tutorial 08. Is it possible to get the MIDI of that part? I’m on a PC so opening the project file is not an option. Thanks

Hi there @lfr1

PM you for this, check your messages.

Awesome course !

I really enjoyed this. I learned alot ,

Good stuff, great guide for someone starting with liquid dnb.

Can’t wait to get started

This is sick. It’s just the kind of sounds I want to start to learn how to make.

Ep 8 (chords part 2) is a bit of a “draw the rest of the owl” moment for me. Would have been nice to see how to make chords without having a background in playing the piano/keyboard. Either way I will hack something together and continue with the learning. :slight_smile:

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Really good course, Dualistic! :slight_smile:

Great course! Learnt a load about liquid dnb and how to produce it in logic :slight_smile:

Thanks for the course, was still able to follow along with Ableton as I don’t own Logic. :+1:

Track made from following this course.

fantastic - i was able to follow along with ableton

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Nice - Information i needed. Thanks

Mad skills, thank you!

This taught me a lot of things that my tracks have been missing. Theyre sounding way more punchy and clean now

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