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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes new tutor Andreas Ort aka Dualistic for an all-new course in How To Make Liquid Drum n Bass.
Hailing from Haarlem on the outskirts of Amsterdam and signed to Liquicity Records, Dualistic can be defined by his uplifting melodies and touching harmonies, and with a background as an improvising pianist, he certainly knows his way around the keys!

In this 3 hour, 14 part course Dualistic takes us step by step through the process of creating this atmospheric, melodic, groove-laden track that’s a sure-fire hit with any fans of this genre.
Starting with his methods of getting creative quickly, we check out ways of creating our own unique kick before building the characteristic percussive groove and bass lines. Next, we look at the importance of chord structure and progressions and then carry on with filling the track with harmonic melodies, transitions and ambient FX, before arranging and finally mastering the track.

With an approachable and easy to follow tutorial achieving an awesome end result, we reckon Dualistic’s first course will have you wanting more.

Go check it out and let us know how you get on in the comments!

I hate to leave negative comments, but this tutorial series did not live up to Sonic Academy’s typical standards for me personally. Liquid bass can be such a beautifully intricate genre, and yet the vast majority of this series is just placing a few pre-made samples and fiddling around with Serum (without seeming to fully understand what each Serum parameter does).

I was very excited to see Sonic Academy release a Liquid D&B tutorial series. I very much hope that you revisit this genre again soon, with a tutorial series that lives up to what this genre deserves.

Amazing track! I have not listended to any liquid dnb for a while, what a nice reminder. Great tutorial as well, thanks, cheers.

Hi jmag02,

as this is my first tutorial I appreciate any comments and feedback to improve future videos! But please consider this;
It took months to make these samples and making every single part from scratch is simply impossible in a 3 hour course where I tried to share as much insight as I possibly could.
The typical drum&bass tutorial covers a lot about drum design so I intentionally chose to emphasise harmony and chords instead as no-one really talks about that.

About the bass design - I know Serum inside out but didn’t have a sound in mind when opening it - my plan was to take you in the playful creative process how to get to sounds that can work in the context you are writing music in.
Im not sure if I could have a made a bass sound in 3 minutes if I was just “fiddling” around!

  • Andy
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Really liked that song. What’s the name?

Glad you like it! It has no name and is unreleased as I made it specifically for this course.

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Great Tutorial, biggest thing I took away from it was “Just to have fun” somewhere along the line I lost this idea. You make it look simple and the result is fantastic.

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I really enjoyed this one - Great tutorial!

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The most natural and cleanest lesson I have ever seen :))
Many of the Tutorials on the internet are really lacking and full of absurd techniques trying to prove themselves !
it is so minimal and simple that the result is perfect and the music is excellent !
we want such clear Logic ProX courses :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone… Especially you :slight_smile:


It’s really good & usefull courses/ Big Thanx!

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I loved this tutorial!
Thanks so much =)
would you be able to give feedback on my version?! =D

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Glad you liked it!

Cool stuff, i have a DnB background so i i think i’ll finally start producing it after sticking with House for a while. Cheers!

thanks for your tutorial!

Great tutorial! Whats the name of the sample pack you used for your drums?

I’m not halfway trough yet and I’ve learned so much already, thanks for this!

to the point and informative, great sense of humor too, thanks for this

wicked tutorial… would love to see more from you on Sonic Academy. There’s not many Logic pro tutorials online that cover liquid dnb as good as this one.


Wow! I like this!