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Luna with KC Lights

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It’s been four years but here at Sonic Academy, we’re super proud to welcome back Scottish DJ and producer KC Lights for a brand new ‘How To Make Course’ in FL Studio as we check out his awesome track ‘Luna’!

With a stomping groove, melody and vocals this classic House track has everything, and with KC Lights’ easy-to-follow-along course full of tips and tricks we reckon you’ll be creating your own banger in no time.
Starting with a blank canvas we build the drums and groove before adding melodic elements, vocals, arranging out and then move on to the all-important effects and automation to really bring the track to life.

KC Lights has gone from strength to strength since last appearing here at Sonic Academy so we can safely say this is simply one not to be missed.

Check it out and learn from a true pro!

I’ve been so waiting for this course! thank you KC Lights!

FL STUDIO foreva!!!

I really enjoyed this tutorial! I think I learn more when it’s a DAW I don’t use since I tend to focus more on the why than the how.

Nice track and nice tutorial!
Tip: When creating an automation on the last tweaked, right click on the ‘multilink to controller’ icon. Faster than going through the tool menu.
What was all the sidechaining on high frequency stuff about? For effect?

Outstanding tutorial. Really a lot of help. Thank you KC Lights.

Sonic Academy, I’d love more of this quality of tutorial in FL Studio.

Great tutorial! Good work!

Really enjoyed & learned tons from KC Lights “How To Make” tutorials! Thanks Sonic Academy!

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Truly learned a lot, thank you so much!

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Love the track. Lots of great tricks in this one I’ve not seen else where. Appreciate that you just get down to it and it’s not overly long while still getting all the info. Thanks!

Thanks for the lesson KC. Hope things are going well for you.

Learned an alternative way to Sidechain as I use FL Studio as well.

Looking forward to seeing more tutorials from you. Please return.

Jam on!

Very useful tutorial all around KC! Thank You! I was following in Ableton and it was actually probably even better because I paid attention to why you did what you did instead of exactly how. The concepts you laid out were very clear and you perfectly explained the reasoning behind what you added to the track. The vocal samples you cut out worked out well. I like the contrast of all the elements and the way you blending everything was brilliant. The timing of all the FX and filters applied really showcased the main parts of the track. Thanks again and good luck with your music!

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