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Main Room House in Ableton Live

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 In this Tutorial we will be making a Main Room House Monsta.

In the first part we look at the most essential element the chord progression. We deconstruct a few tunes and spit the process up in to easy to follow parts. If your having difficulty building the killer chord progression this should defo help.

From there on we delve even deeper into things by looking at our bassline / vocals / arranging / fx / breakdowns / mixing and final mastering until we have a complete track

Awesome Course!!!

I noticed a lot of courses with ableton, you guys use sylenth I do not have sylenth and probably won't be able to afford that at the moment is there any way to have an alternative tutorial with NI Massive or abletons stock vst like operator or analog?

how is the a big main room house track i want big room electro house like henry fong or even Melbourne bounce like new world sound enough of this trance deeep house on ableton

Hi Andrew, you may not have noticed, but this course is a few years old now, before Henry Fong had appeared and well before Melbourne bounce became a 'thing'. Hope this helps!

yeah and i understand that very well min to mad or anything not at all i know that is not easy to take time out of your days to make a 6 to 8 hour video on step by step to on how to produce genre style of henry fong , or new world sound , or Tiesto new style of music or like cuba calvin harris, bootcamp jay hardway. and last song anchor by tritonal... I'm give this website props and the teachers as well fro that they do its not easy.. i would just like to see maybe more if that in the near future I'm just giving some ideas.. and hopefully in ableton I've seen similar once in logic and fl studio... but I'm sorry not in any way i was trying to come off a rude

Cool man, all ideas welcome - we do listen and try to take on board subs ideas

Great tutorial! I’m glad I purchased it! I came up with this while following along…