How To Make - Main Room House in Logic Pro / 369


In this Tutorial we will be making a Main Room House Monsta.

In the first part we look at the most essential element the chord progression. We deconstruct a few tunes and spit the process up in to easy to follow parts. If your having difficulty building the killer chord progression this should defo help.

From there on we delve even deeper into things by looking at our bassline / vocals / arranging / fx / breakdowns / mixing and final mastering until we have a complete track.



When do we see the second parts?

This Week!

Will we be able to buy and download this tutorial anytime soon, because i dont have internet in my production studio. :(

it will be possible yes - not just yet though!

when do we see the rest of the arrangement ?

final part now live - another 4 hours ! enjoy

Great course. Learned a lot from it. Just wish you guys used Logics Native Synths opposed to 3rd party plugin synths. Also, I feel like too much time was spent in the environment window. Great job overall though, I really enjoyed this course.


In Tutorial 2, How do you create a track for the transformer without also creating a channel strip ?

Concerning tutorial 3 (deconstructing chords), for Pjanoo you said that the first chord is a Gminor. However, shouldn&#039t the Gminor chord be played with the black key instead of the white ?

How did I miss this!? Thank you for using LOGIC!!!

wow.. way to make things way more complicated then they need to be. For example.. why wouldn&#039t you just use ultrabeat for sequencing your drums and then pull it out as a midi file? That made no sense to jump out into the piano roll to do it.

Amazing. So much knowledge here!!!

When using the Transformer to create the +12 -12 and Root notes with one keystroke, massive latency occurs and the voices in the ESX24 keep adding up to 64 never resetting and then just poops out after reaching 64. Any insight here? Thanks

Thank you Armodanus, I have the same problem. Can anyone help please? Thank you :)

Hi! Are logics built in plugins enough or do I need other plugins to get this to work?

Senakov, Armodanus, I have the same damn issue! Did any of you figure it out?

Daneo, don&#039t play with midi synth