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Main Room House with Dirty Secretz

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This week we welcome back Richie Atkins aka Dirty Secretz for a new ‘How To Make’ course where he builds a classic Main Room House track from scratch using only stock and free third-party plugins.

If you’re starting out in Ableton or looking for some tips and tricks in this genre, then look no further as Richie guides you every step of the way in this easy-to-follow course.

Starting with the drums and adding a ‘live feel’ with percussion and bass guitar, we create our own risers, sweeps and effects, add some awesome vocals and process while arranging out the track with breakdowns and build-ups before mixing down and mastering so it’s ready to play out.

Check it out and get your track ready for when lockdown ends and the party starts again!

The track sounds amazing. Where do I get such amazing vocals? Mostly that’s my problem to find such great vocals!

It’s tough, finding the right vocals can take quite a while. In a perfect world working with a song writer / vocalist is the best way to really get something that fits with a track but finding the right vocal can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve had vocal samples that I’ve found that I love and have taken 5/6 years to find the right backing track for them - same goes for instrumentals. Although sometimes you’ll just find a vocal and it works!

Personally I like to look in not the usual places or genres because if you stick to the same sample resources and genres that everyone else does you can end up with the same overused vocals. I like to find old vocal sample CDs on eBay or dive into different genres to find something a bit different.

End of the day sometimes it’s just luck to find the right vocal sample quickly, other times it’s just patience to keep searching until you find the right one.

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Fat track pal!!

Thank you for this course, I have found it very useful and picked up some great tips. :slight_smile:

Love it guys!!

A super teacher who always takes beautiful courses from which you learn a lot, congratulations to this boy and this Academy


nice track

Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed this tutorial (and your others) . Great track, well explained, easy to follow. But mostly I enjoyed it because it was made with stock plugins, and few free to get. This was really nice as a beginner.

Love the genre. I vote for more piano house tutorials, Mr. Sonic Academy.

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great this tutorial very clear and well explained even on the finer details

Great tutorial! I’ve learned so much from this course. Thank you Richie!

I really enjoyed this tutorial (and your others) and the track was the type of thing I actually like - great vocal.
You have a really great easy going way of teaching and I finally feel like things are starting to make sense and click for me after literally years of being stuck with a hard drive full of unfinished 4 bar loops! Can’t wait for your next course.

Thanks again ;o)

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Great tutorial !!!

Love love love. Thanks Dirty Secretz!


great course. Dirty Secretz on point as usual

Really great course! Highly recommend!